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State Chapter President: Boone Tidwell

Phone: (307) 250-4372

2nd Point of Contact: Richard Heringlake

Phone: (307) 465-2449

Email: wy@oathkeepers.org

Facebook: Wyoming Oath Keepers


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  1. Larry 3 February, 2015, 20:46

    Is there a group (or individual) in Cheyenne?… my # (307) 640-4811

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  2. Gun Granni 1 April, 2015, 01:02

    Greetings! I am a member of the Oathkeepers in upstate N.Y. Planning a move to Wyoming in 2 years when my husband retires. Cody area. Would love to have some O.K contacts to chat with about the area, job prospects, Constitutional groups, locations of O.K Chapters, etc. I am retired L.E.O, married to a farmer, and VERY active in the N.Y Grassroots efforts. Organized the first rally against the N.Y Safe Act. Have GOT to get out of N.Y and into a FREE state! LOL! My name is JJ, a.k.a; the Gun Granni, and my email is: PACTJJ@gmail.com. God Bless! JJ

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  3. skyboltkid 19 May, 2015, 10:38

    Are there any members or groups in the worland area. I am an army veteran and still take my oath of en listment deadly serious. How do I become a member of the oath keepers.

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  4. trigger 20 May, 2015, 00:17

    Looking for a group here in cheyenne.

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    • Benny 10 April, 2016, 19:21

      Yes I am also interested. Living in Cheyenne and looking for contacts. 1(307)6313909

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  5. Bill 20 May, 2015, 02:39

    I just moved to Wapiti Wyoming and would like to find the nearest Oathkeepers group. Former army veteran. Infantry platoon leader. Haven’t forgotten my oath or my high school civics classes.

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    • Jerry 8 July, 2015, 01:58

      Bill, I live in Cody, former infantry Sargent, let’s have a coffee sometime.

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      • Tracy 15 January, 2016, 20:51

        You still around Cody? Id like to maybe catch up to you sometime, grab some coffee, and BS. If your still around, please let me know.

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  6. Jason 23 June, 2015, 04:07

    I am a new member to oathkeepers. I am an Afghanistan and Iraq combat vet and I was wondering if there were any meetings in Gillette or where the closest group was located. Thanks for your time.

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  7. andy anonymous 6 July, 2015, 00:39

    just curious if there is a group in Cheyenne. I would love to learn more and be more active

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  8. MarrKr 21 July, 2015, 18:31

    I was a paratrooper, and then a civilian EMT/medic for 10 years total. I live in Laramie and would like to find some folk here to get to know the Oath Keepers a bit.

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  9. "Gramma" 22 July, 2015, 21:36

    I live in Riverton,Wy….close to Lander. My family and I (which includes a Lot of “Youngbloods” are looking for a group in this area. We have some skill sets (Medical for one) and I would be.willing to “Spearhead” a local chaper/group under guidance. Please feel free to contact me if you are a Professional or Individual who is/are looking for like-minded people.
    July 22nd, 2015

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  10. B13 12 August, 2015, 00:07

    I am new back to Wyoming as of 4 months ago, live in Newcastle and curious if there are any members near me? Would love to know more. As a former AMMO troop in the USAF I believe in the oath I took and our country, just worried about the future of this great nation.

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    • Richard 30 August, 2015, 03:26

      Give me a call I am in the area, lets get together and work the plan. My # is listed above 465 2449.


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  11. Geomanzer 9 September, 2015, 01:20

    I’m Tess, I live in Kelly, WY. 14 miles north of Jackson. I am a general class ham, extensive first aid training. I have many friends who set up a remote elk camp in the Gros Ventre. I am worried about this country! My grandfather had to sit on the bank of the river and watch the Russian army take Berlin! I would just like to know if there is anyone in my part of Wyoming? Call sign W7TES!

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  12. grizzlbar 22 September, 2015, 19:14

    I am trying to get info about O.K. I’m in Jackson, WY..

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  13. Chip 29 September, 2015, 23:36

    I am the Co-Leader of the Orange County NY Chapter of Oath Keepers…made some new friends in Esterbrook. Is there a Chapter anywhere near here…Douglas?

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  14. Chip 30 September, 2015, 22:23

    Nothing but echo in Wyoming?

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  15. Old Ironsights 26 November, 2015, 16:42

    Hey Chip – interesting thing about Wyoming is… OK/Patriots are not really “group” oriented… until SHTF.

    Mushrooms and all that.

    Still, there are plenty of like minded folks here (more than not) and it is why the Free State types who couldn’t stomach the East Coast (as nice as NH may be) hang out here.

    We are definitely “unorganized militia” out here. COMSEC.

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  16. pnracing 8 January, 2016, 02:10


    Are you still in the Cody area? I live in Clark, and am interested in learning more about your group. Email will be the best way to get ahold of me. I work away from home frequently. Thank you

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  17. Mack 29 January, 2016, 16:52

    I have been doing some reading on the oath keepers and would like to get more information on what membership includes such as what to expect on monthly or yearly basis. I am interested in joining and basically am curious as to what exactly to expect.
    Former SPC US ARMY
    Iraq Combat Veteran

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  18. Heather 23 February, 2016, 20:06

    I’m wondering if you have anything in Buffalo. Wy?

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  19. Ross 8 November, 2016, 16:54

    Sheridan Oath Keepers?

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