What is a Government Shill?


In this episode of The Liberty Brothers Show, Host Jason Van Tatenhove and Guest Co-Host Frank Castle welcome Allen Lardieri back to the show. We discuss the groups of people that are calling for the arrest and detention of certain lawmakers. We have seen a push like this in Kentucky and now it also appears that there will be another group going to Michigan to do the same. We discuss just how dangerous this scenario could be with the very real possibility of death and at best a mass arrest. We discuss the role of a government shill, or someone who tries to get stupid (or even well meaning, unaware) people to do stupid things. We know that the powers that be use this and infighting against the Patriot community as much as they can. Allen gives us some back ground about the people who are involved in the Kentucky situation and what they are calling for. We also discuss the conference calls and videos that have been going back and forth. We would very strongly encourage everyone to really think things out and do a bit of research before jumping on the band-wagon with these groups. We end the interview discussing ways that the Patriot community can better safeguard itself from government provocateurs and crazy loose cannons. There may come a time for an armed confrontation but that can only be after all peaceful options have been exhausted and we are literally taking up arms to defend our lives. Much like the minute men who would not fire unless fired upon, we must be patient and really pick our battles (both of the mind and body.)

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