What If Another Attack Happens Where There Are No Oath Keepers?

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An unguarded career center… so what will happen if another one is attacked and no one is there to Protect the Protectors? — Photo via Michael Ball/Twitter

“We don’t stop protecting the protectors just because sell outs in the Pentagon are acting as puppets for Obama and trying to order recruiters to call the cops and report people guarding them or because DOD mouthpieces publish a statement asking us to stand down,”  Stewart Rhodes asserted in a “critical update and clarification” regarding government attempts to dissuade “Protect the Protectors” operations..  “If we were to stand down and stop protecting the recruiters, that would just put them back where they were – unarmed and defenseless.

“We WILL continue to guard recruiting and reserve centers,” Rhodes pledged. “Until and unless we have rank and file local recruiters telling you THEY personally don’t want you there, we need to be there.  So long as we have volunteers willing to post guard we need to be there. 

The reality now is, until such time as the Pentagon completes whatever reviews it is conducting, and/or until Congress or the administration (fat chance with the latter!) ensures that the protectors can protect themselves, removal of Oath Keepers volunteers will once more render facilities vulnerable. The irony is, those taking their sweet time dithering around with such decisions all work in facilities secured by armed guards.

It would be especially ironic if, after being characterized by the government and media as “security threats,” the departure of Oath Keepers protecting the protectors is perceived by true security threats as an exploitable target opportunity.  Actually, it would be more than ironic. If another undefended recruiting center is attacked, it will be inexcusable. If a lethal attack happens at a center where Oath Keepers have been told to leave, it will be unforgivable.

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