Tucker Carlson vs. Socialist Professor Caroline Heldman Who Calls To Tax The Rich At 80 Percent

Tucker Carlson interviewed Socialist Professor Caroline Heldman who wants to raise the income tax rate on the top 1% to 80%. This is typical of socialists, as they want someone else to pay for their dreamed of Utopia. Naturally they exclude themselves. She keeps pointing out that she is not in the top 1%, though she does come from a wealthy family.

I remember the Beatles’ song “Tax Man” that decried the ridiculously high British tax rate of 95% for the very wealthy, which drove John Lennon to leave Britain for the US, along with other wealthy Brits.

The obsession that Socialist Utopians have with taking from those who are successful to give to the unsuccessful by force, yet hypocritically excluding themselves has been documented throughout the years. Prof. Heldman is just another example.

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