Oath Keepers Trucker H.R.T. (Highway Recon Team)

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If you’re on the road, we want you on our team!

Who can join?hrt-membership-banner The Oath Keepers Trucker membership is open to all current and former truck drivers, hot shot drivers, delivery drivers, bus and limo drivers and anyone else with a CDL, as well as full-time, or long distance RVers.   Truckers are patriots, and many are former military, police, or other first responder veterans, but even if you are not prior service, if you are on the road, we want you on our team.  If you also qualify as a Regular Member, please consider joining as Trucker to take advantage of all the additional benefits.

If you do not fall in to one of the driver categories above, and you still want to be a member of Oath Keepers, you can join as a Regular Member or Associate Member. Please click the links and visit those pages.

Truck Driver

This is a critical component of the Oath Keepers mission. You can join the Trucker HRT without having prior military or law enforcement experience. Serve as patriot eyes and ears, working closely with our intelligence teams at the national, regional, and state level to gather vital intelligence information and reporting potential critical incidents.

Most importantly you will be a valued member of the Oath Keepers team when it comes to collecting critical information as you drive the highways and roads of our great country.

We will teach you how to collect the information that will be used to generate actionable intelligence.

Help make America strong again from the bottom up! Join the Oath Keepers Trucker Highway Recon Team today!

If you are an existing Annual member, click here to renew.

Trucker Membership Description

There are four ways to become a Trucker HRT Member. Pick the one that’s best for you:

Annual Member – $40.00/year

Liberty Tree Member – $7/month

Lifetime Member – $1000

Lifetime Member with Spouse – $1500

Here are your member benefits:

  • Official Member status
  • Membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Laminated membership card with sequential member number
  • Access to our members-only national forum
  • Access to our truckers only forum
  • Access to our truckers only communication system (Zello chat, exclusive reporting system, tip line, HAM radio)
  • Access to our Family Safe Network where local chapters will assist your family if you’re stuck on the road
  • Access to Oath Keepers chapters across the country to assist you if you’re stuck away from home during an emergency
  • Access to truckers only intelligence and communication training
  • Access to members only Community Preparedness Team (CPT) Training
  • 2 Oath Keepers bumper stickers and 1 back window sticker
  • Color Oath Keepers brochures and Oath Keepers “push” cards (size of business cards) as an outreach “Startup Kit.”
  • Oath Keepers DVD
  • Pocket Constitution
  • *Discounts on Oath Keepers gear, training, conventions, etc.
  • Access to premium content, including exclusive alerts, instructional videos, webinars and phone calls for members only
  • Access to special vendor discounts (Third party gear and training being offered to Oath Keepers members)

*Lifetime Members get a 20% discount, Liberty Tree Members get a 10% discount and Annual Members get a 5% discount.

Additional benefits for lifetime members: Solid silver Oath Keepers Lifetime Members challenge coin


trucker-map-v-3Trucker Division Regions:

We will be using these regions to coordinate and communications, training and other activities.

  • North East
  • South
  • Great Lakes
  • Great Plains
  • Texas
  • Northwest
  • Southwest
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii


Receive free training on:

  • Intelligence information gathering and reporting (such as how to do S.A.L.U.T.E reports (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment)
  • Emergency communications
  • Emergency medical
  • Tactical firearms and Self Defense
  • Family Safe Program.

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