The Truth In Ferguson


Jason Van Tatenhove
Oath Keepers

Retired Army Staff Sergeant and reporter for, Joe Biggs, was in the middle of the controversy that main stream media whipped up earlier this week. They were shocked to see the Infowars news team escorted into some Ferguson neighborhoods by a highly trained group of the Missouri Oath Keepers. Joe took the time to speak with me about what really happened in Ferguson. When Biggs goes out on location, he contacts any friends he may have in the area to see what the local climate is like and if there is anything that he may need to be aware of. In this case, Joe contacted Sam Andrews and the Missouri Oath Keepers who he had met last year when the original Ferguson riots broke out. Sam informed him that a few reporters had been violently attacked the night before, and offered a security detail to provide security as the Oath Keepers already had a good lay of the land. Please note, the Oath Keepers offered to accompany the Infowars crew completely voluntarily, as opposed to the outright lie that was reported by the main stream media that claimed that the Oath Keepers were hired to provide security for Infowars. Infowars and the Oath Keepers began to open a dialog with the gathered community, including members of the Black Panthers. The conversations that were held were a calm and peaceful exchange of dialog and ideas ranging from government overreach, taxes to, 2nd amendment issues. Many of the community members that remembered Sam and the Oath Keepers from last year, thanked them with handshakes and hugs for their help with keeping businesses and people safe from arson and violence. Unfortunately, much of the goodwill that had been built was, in large part, nullified by a few provocateurs who took to Twitter with out and out lies, and fabricated stories about a group of heavily armed white men looking to inflame the community and start a race war.

We must do our part to help get the truth of this matter out to the public. It is because Oath Keepers and Infowars are actually making a difference that we are being so aggressively demonized and slandered. This is an incredible interview that we need your help to share with the world. Please be sure to also check out the interview I did with Sam Andrews yesterday which corroborates this story.

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