The Amazing Serviceberry


Where I live, in Northwest Montana, there are lots of serviceberry bushes. They line the roads wherever there is suitable moisture and sunlight, and also can be found lining creeks. Few people pick the serviceberries, ( the taste is similar to blueberries), preferring huckleberries, which have a sweeter taste. Serviceberries have a slightly tart taste, but make excellent jams. – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from the Mother Earth News.

By Nan K. Chase

In my lineup of edible landscape plants, the serviceberry plays a starring role. Yet for too many gardeners this plant is unknown. Are you ready to try something new and delicious?

A small tree or large shrub in form, and bearing many names, this American native plant is beautiful in early spring for its billows of lacy white blooms and beautiful again in autumn for blazing color on the pleasing rounded leaves. In the late spring – serviceberry is sometimes called Juneberry – the fruit makes for some magical eating, as thousands of delicious purple-red berries ripen.

[Here, in Northwest Montana, the berries ripen in late July-early August. – Shorty Dawkins]

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  1. Lord-Pi-314 30 April, 2017, 21:49

    Yum, they look good. Will they grow in New Jersey ? We need more food producing trees and shrubs here where I live.

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