Testimonial – Nicholas Gregoire


Testimonial: I joined the Marines September 12, 2001. I spent my first 7 years as a diesel mechanic and the last three as a Drill Instructor/Senior Drill Instructor. I’ve been around the world twice and deployed to hostile zones.

There was a time when I was drinking the kool-aid and asking no questions. I love the Union and the Marine Corps, but as the years have passed, I along with many others, have watched American citizens rights sacrificed upon the altar of security and political correctness, further distancing me and my family from the American dream. What pisses me off more than anything is the apathetic attitude of most citizens. As long as their bills are paid and they get the best deals at Wal-Mart, they could care less. I’m proud of this site and its members because you all refuse to be a part of that. You refuse to be spectators to the demise of the greatest republic this world has ever known. Keep up the good work.