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As the godless world’s problems have been adopted by America’s corrupted national government, and as the national government’s corruption has been brought home to our respective States, even now we are stunned to see the tentacles of globalism’s “one-world government” showing up in our local cities and towns. Whether it is the shock of realizing that the NSA has been collecting all of our communications; or the belligerence of berserk Federal agencies demanding that our local governments must bow to EPA or BLM or DOT or DOJ regulations which limit the exercise of personal responsibility, personal property rights, and personal freedom; or whether it’s the NEA/Dept. of Education’s subversion of our traditional family values and cultural traditions;  or the militarization of our local police; or the ongoing war against small farms and ranches and private property ownership; or the forced installation of “Smart Meters” at our private homes; or the tinkering with our national monetary system by the Federal Reserve; or whatever particular focus every Oath Keeper shall have noticed in his or her own town or city or State, something is definitely amiss, and, as Charlie Daniels puts it, “Something’s wrong, and we all know it!”

Instead of repeating their article here, I would like to encourage all readers here at Oath Keepers’ national website to go straight to The Liberty Brothers website and read about their intense interview of July 19, 2015, with the man who gave the world Technocracy Rising, the well-known author, Patrick Wood. Mr. Wood provides the real-world template which explains how Technocracy, riding silently under wraps in the Trilateral Commission for several decades, has done its evil work in the name of Scientism’s New International Economic Order, wherein our supply-demand capitalist economic system will be replaced by a strange and strangling system ruled by science and technology. On this broadcast Mr. Wood explains how NGOs working with national economic powers, and the United Nations have set the matrix from which we’re now seeing the ominous power of the New World Order’s envisioned victory over mankind and everything our Constitution was designed to protect.

Patrick Wood is the man who discovered the Trilateral Commission’s silent adoption of Technocracy, was a co-author with the late Antony C. Sutton, and has written the definitive book which I can heartily insist every Oath Keeper must read, Technocracy Rising. Teaming up with Jason Van Tatenhove and Jim White of The Liberty Brothers Radio show, this program is packed with information every liberty-loving Constitution-defending, Oath keeping member here needs to know. Don’t have time to listen for two hours? Want to collect up the high points as notes on your computer? Then I invite you  to read my review of Patrick Wood’s amazing interview on John B. Wells’ “Caravan To Midnight” show, < here. > Patrick Wood has got it figured out, all put together, and fully revealed now, so I encourage you to check this out closely and take notes. “Know thy enemy!“, yes? This radio broadcast is how everyone can “know“.

Technocracy: The Framework for Global Domination

7.23.2015 by James White of The Liberty Brothers

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The Liberty Brothers are James White of North West Liberty News and Jason Van Tatenhove of The Patriot Prepper Show on Revolution Radio. Jim and Jason met when they both went down to Bundy Ranch to cover the historical event for the Alternative Media. They quickly found that not only do they both have a deep passion for educating people about the truth, but both have a deeply embedded passion to do their part to restore our once great Republic. Of special note is the section at their site on coverage they did at the Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon this Spring (2015).  Hard working radio hosts, Jason and Jim have featured names we all know and love, such as Edwin Vieira, Stewart Rhodes, James Jaeger, Joel Skousen, etc etc. Now they’ve brought us Patrick Wood in another cutting-edge presentation. Don’t miss this one!


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