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Republican Governor’s Betrayal in Vermont Shows How Public Ignorance Lets Practiced Liars Say Anything

1,200 standard capacity 30-round magazines from MAGPUL Industries were supplied free-of-charge courtesy RECOIL magazine to Vermont gun owners in a protest operation appropriately called the “Green Mountain Airlift.” The magazines

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Mueller Backers Should Be Confronted with His Past Hedging on Government Killing American Citizens on U.S. Soil

With the “official” media, Democrats and establishment Republicans forming a protective circle around U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, both he and his backers appear to have conveniently forgotten a past controversy

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Colorado Second Amendment Rally Honors Three Percent Founder Mike Vanderboegh

This year’s march will honor a patriot and friend who ended his earthly struggle almost a year ago. Publisher George Gramlich asked me to inform Oath Keepers that Mike Vanderboegh’s

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Without Personal Consequences, Oversight Fast and Furious Report Brings No One Closer to Justice

“Committee releases Fast & Furious report: Obstruction of Congress by the Department of Justice,” a Wednesday House Oversight and Government Reform Committee press release reads. “Documents obtained after years of

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Spreading ‘Lies of Omission’ Can Be a Good Thing

“David – I’m in the locale. Would you like me to stop by with a rough cut of the film?” T.L. Davis emailed me yesterday afternoon. He was passing through

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‘Adversarial Journalist’ Fails to ‘Intercept’ Truth about Oath Keepers

“The FBI has quietly investigated white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement,” VICE News, Al Jazeera America, and New York Times contributor and all-around social justice warrior Alice Speri “reports” in

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Blumenthal Delusion on Trump and Guns a Ploy for Attention and Disruption

Calling Congress “complicit” for criminal murders using guns, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal called on President-elect Donald Trump to “do the unpredictable” and support citizen disarmament edicts, PJ Media reports.

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Sipsey Street Irregulars To Go Dormant

At present, I’ve nothing to add to this announcement, other than it is a new old tone in the sound of silence. http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2016/09/im-spiking-guns-here-on-sipsey-street.html Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Posted by Dutchman6

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Freedom Movement Loses Important Voice with Passing of Mike Vanderboegh

Mike Vanderboegh passed away peacefully early Wednesday following a long and devastating illness. The Sipsey Street Irregulars blogger, self-described “smuggler” and patriot was perhaps best known as the founder of

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Oath Keepers Represented in Colorado Independence Day Parade

“Attached is a photo of the Oath Keepers section, within the Southern Colorado Patriot’s Club section, in the July 4th Independence Day Parade,” George Gramlich of  The Sangre de Cristo

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Ailing but Indomitable Vanderboegh Leads Colorado Independence Day Act of Defiance

“[A]s you know, Mike[Vanderboegh] sent us a box of 30 rounders for our Independence Day March and Rally,” George Gramlich of The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel wrote to both me

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Colorado Paper Co-sponsoring Independence Day Parade with 2nd Amendment Rally

With much of the news from Colorado regarding the right to keep and bear arms dominated by “progressive” political gun-grabbers who never met an infringement they weren’t bent on imposing,