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Jury Questions Threaten to Derail Prosecution in Bunkerville Retrial

by Shari Dovale   July 25, 2017 The jurors in the Bunkerville Retrial have been allowed the option to question each witness in the case. They are availing themselves of this

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Did the Judge Select the Jury in Bunkerville Retrial?

by Shari Dovale  July 13, 2017 Eric Parker, Ricky Lovelien, Steven Stewart and Scott Drexler are back in a Vegas courtroom for a retrial of charges related to the 2014 Bunkerville

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Bunkerville Jury Confused by Conspiracy

Even Judge Navarro seemed confused by the jury’s questions. By Shari Dovale and John Lamb During the 5th day of deliberations, the jury for the first tier Bunkerville defendants have

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The First Branch

In a small but powerful booklet (1) which was copyrighted in 1996, former Washington State Supreme Court Justice William Goodloe gives an accounting of the origin and establishment of our
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Juror Rights Educators Triumph AGAIN in Denver

– Editor’s Note: I would like to share good news with Oath Keepers and friends. The Fully Informed Jury Association is a delightful weapon in the hands of the People

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Lysander Spooner: Chapter One: Trial By Jury

 At Lysander Spooner dot Org I found this characterization of the 19th Century libertarian philosopher: Entreprenuer, scholar, radical abolitionist, principled believer in natural law and liberty — Lysander Spooner is