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GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How the 2nd Amendment Can Stop School Shootings

Some of us may thus feel our gun rights are secure with Republicans dominating the White House, Senate and House.  However — with the latest mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman

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What Percentage Of Mass Shootings Happen In ‘Gun Free Zones’? The Number Is Stunning.

By  AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO   2-22-2018 After dozens of warning signs and alerts from concerned citizens went unnoticed, a shooter walked into a South Florida high school and murdered 17 people. In the

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GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – Should the NRA Support a Constitutional Militia?

Progress Report 25 November 2017 Dear GOOD GUY Associate, That’s right you are now a “Good Guy Associate” if you champion our new movie project: GOOD GUYS WITH GUNSShould the

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Broward County Sheriff Calls for ‘No Guns’ List for ‘Mentally Ill’ after Ft. Lauderdale Airport Murders

Ignoring the inescapable fact that last Friday’s killings at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport happened in a “gun-free zone,” Broward County’s Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel instead called for increasing the number

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Waffle House No Guns Policy Merits Marketplace Response

“[A] soldier with the National Guard was told to leave his gun outside of the Nicholasville Waffle House or he wouldn’t be served,” NBC’s Lex18.com affiliate reported. Billy Welch opted instead

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Chattanooga Shootings Show We’re Up to Our Necks in It

“And they could have done what if armed? It was a drive-by shooting,” a comment poster at The War on Guns wrote as a response to  the “No Guns” sign on