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California ‘Catch-22’ on ‘Assault Weapons’ Evokes Fundamental Question for Gun Owners

Earlier separate bans on semiautomatic firearms demonized as “assault weapons” weren’t enough for California gun-grabbers. Despite the Roberti-Roos ban on specific firearm models, and the later Perata ban, a new

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Fast and Furious Document Release Highlights Continued Arrogant Stonewalling

Despite administration and media hoopla to the contrary, subpoenaed documents turned over to Congress fall far short of what’s been demanded, and what’s been demanded fall short of what’s required

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Strong Cities Network Should Raise Alarms for Liberty Advocates

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice are joining with an international law enforcement coalition for the claimed purpose of “strengthen[ing] community resilience against violent extremism,” a Sept.