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Lawyers, Trolls and COWS…An Interview with Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

Author’s Addendum:  I would like to at add some of my thoughts to this article. There has been a huge reaction of fellow patriots who are worried about being indicted

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Special Report – Oregon: Episode 3.5

In this special report of The Patriot Report Jason Van Tatenhove welcomes back to the show guests; Stewart Rhodes (founder and President of Oath Keepers), Sam Culper (editor of Forward

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Audio of Haunting Oath Keepers Phone Call With LaVoy Finicum Two Days Before His Death

Recording of phone call by Oath Keepers to Lavoy Finicum, two days before his death, urging him and the Bundy brothers to make a “lateral, tactical move” to a constitutional

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LaVoy Finicum Takes BLM To School

–   I replied to a comment under the article by Jason Van Tatenhove featuring Stewart Rhodes with Greg McWhirter, a veteran SWAT officer and Oath Keeper, doing an interview

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Harney County Protest Draws Hundreds on Both Sides

Editor’s Note: This Article was written by Sheri Duval who has has traveled to Burn Oregon twice now to bring us reporting and live streaming from the boots on the

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Shawna Cox Was In The Truck With LaVoy Finicum

– Shawna Cox was in the vehicle driven by LaVoy Finicum. I will edit in link to original interview to give proper credit when I can track it down in

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Malheur SITREP – 1900L 29 JAN 16

Situation Report (SITREP) – 1900L 29 JAN 16 by Sam Culper What follows is my personal account of following the situation of late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, including

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Malheur SITREP: 2200L 24 JAN 2016

Situation Report (SITREP) for 2200L 24 JAN 2016 – Local reports indicate a possible decrease in federal vehicles in the vicinity (IVO) Burns, OR, which may be due to a

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– While the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking it on the chin in the western States the current occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon has

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Interview with Brandon Curtiss, President of the Idaho III% on the history and current situation in Burns, OR.

Jason Van Tatenhove of Oath Keepers had the opportunity to interview Brandon Curtiss, President of the Idaho III% regarding the history and current situation in Harney County, Oregon.

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The Battle for Hearts and Minds in Harney County, Oregon — Fire Chief Resigns Over Deceptive Actions by the Feds.

This past weekend we have seen some huge movement in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Harney County. While the patriots with the Pacific Patriot

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Coalition Of Western States: Press Release: Fire Marshal Resigns

Salutes to Cyrellys and N.L. for fetching this story. “FBI Agents in Oregon posing as Militia.”   UNLIMITED RELEASE SUBJECT: Assemblywoman Michele Fiore: “FBI Agents in Oregon posing as Militia.”