Stone: Snowden

Stone: Snowden

Oliver Stone has done three movies which affected me in serious ways — Platoon; JFK; and Heaven And Earth.

I am anticipating that his latest, Snowden, will also move me, so I’m excited to see it.  Yahoo has an article up right now which I would like to share here. The official trailer is below.


Elias Alias, editor


‘Snowden’ director Stone urges Obama to issue pardon

by Michel Comte • September 10, 2016

Full article here:


Toronto (Canada) (AFP) – Patriot, dissident or traitor? A new film by anti-establishment director Oliver Stone starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asks audiences to weigh in.

Stone — who has unveiled his espionage thriller biopic about the largest data leak in US history at the Toronto film festival — called Saturday on US President Barack Obama to pardon Snowden before the end of his term.

“Mr. Obama could pardon him and we hope so,” Stone told reporters at the festival, the largest in North America and a launch pad for Oscar contenders.

“We hope that Mr. Obama has a stroke of lightning and he sees the way, despite the fact that he’s prosecuted vigorously eight whistleblowers under the Espionage Act, which is an all-time record in American history, (and he’s created) the most extensive invasive surveillance state that ever existed.”

Read entire article at above link.


Trailer For The Film, with More Than Eight Million Views –



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