We said it was coming…

They called us “conspiracy theorists”.

Now it’s here!



Now we are alerting the American people that the military-police state is being built as a prelude to “martial law”.



They are again calling us “conspiracy theorists” for talking about “martial law”.


Stewart Rhodes, Edwin Vieira, Chuck Baldwin, James Jaeger, Sheriff Mack, Ron Paul, and Others are sending the alert — “Martial Law” is coming! Are we “conspiracy theorists“? Or are we, in making today’s movie version of Paul Revere’s 1775 “Midnight Ride”, doing a valuable service to the American people? Was Paul Revere a “conspiracy theorist“?


 Matrix Entertainment and Oath Keepers are producing MIDNIGHT RIDE


Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin In New Trailer!

Please read James Jaeger’s latest progress report, below.


Elias Alias here with a few words and the most recent update from James Jaeger reporting on progress for the movie documentary on “martial law”, MIDNIGHT RIDE.

James Jaeger has posted a new trailer for his current movie, MIDNIGHT RIDE.  This trailer features Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers’ national Chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, as well as former County Commissioner Dan Happel (Madison County, Montana), and even a few seconds of myself, Elias Alias, your friendly editor.

Oath Keepers’ members and supporters who have thus far contributed to the production of MIDNIGHT RIDE have all been listed in the end credits of this new trailer. If you are an Oath Keeper and have contributed to this film’s production, no matter what the dollar amount of your donation, please check the end credits on this trailer to be sure we have your name or organization listed correctly. Anyone who has sent money to James Jaeger and Matrix Entertainment but does not see one’s name in these credits, please contact me by clicking < here >. Put “Attention Elias” in the comment area and I’ll get it. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

I noticed that Arizona Oath Keepers is the first State chapter to enter the end-credits. They have paid three hundred or more dollars to get their chapter listed and also have their website listed separately. (Thanks guys!) I’m aware of two other State chapters who have pledged to contribute, and we will add their chapter to the credits as those donations come in. I am calling for all State chapters to volunteer to help get this movie made by sending in their checks or electronic payment. Remember, the sooner we get the budget collected the sooner the film can be completed and distributed around the nation. (We have already collected well over half of the projected budget, so we’re on the home stretch. Yay!) Thank you each again with sincerity for your help.

Donate page, with mailing info for checks via USPS is at bottom of increment payment figures —


Please go check out new trailer!





Only *You* can prevent martial law.

A good first step in preventing martial law is to help Oath Keepers get the message to the American people by contributing to the production of this remarkable new film. Please read James Jaeger’s most current progress report —

James Jaeger’s most current progress report:


I am pleased to announce that the third trailer for MIDNIGHT RIDE was completed on 05 March 2015 and is posted at http://www.MidnightRide.us/trailer  This trailer features:

STEWART RHODES (Founder and President of OATH KEEPERS)

ELIAS ALIAS (Editor and Board Member of OATH KEEPERS)

CHUCK BALDWIN (Pastor and Radio Host of ChuckBaldwinLive.com)

DAN HAPPEL (Fmw. Madison County Commissioner)

The new trailer also features YOU.  If you donated to the production — no matter how much — YOU  have been acknowledged in the screen credits of this new trailer.  These movies would never get done without your support.  Thank you.

To the MainStream Media and gun-control lobby, these movies are like Holy Water on a vampire.  But no matter how much anti-Constitutional forces scream and holler, WE THE PEOPLE have to keep getting the message out.

And we are doing just that.

More and more people are waking up to the majesty of our Founding Documents as brought to life by the experts that appear in the films YOU are making possible.

Ending the Fed and revitalizing the Militia System of the States are what WE THE PEOPLE need to do to restore Constitutional principles.  Through OATH KEEPERS, the works of DR. EDWIN VIEIRA,JR., the RON PAUL REVOLUTION and MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT, this is getting done.  And on the way to accomplishing this Mission, citizens — especially those employed by the government, military and police — must be clear that there are at least Ten Orders that no “Oath Keeper” should follow.  These Orders have been articulated by OATH KEEPERS Founder — Stewart Rhodes — and they will be stressed in MIDNIGHT RIDE.

As previously mentioned, we are extremely pleased and excited to have former Congressman/Presidential candidate, RON PAUL on board with this production.  We have so far lined up and taped 10 major interviews.  Dr. Paul’s interview, and the interviews of several other experts in Texas, are next to be lined up.  The interviews that have been completed previously were with EDWIN VIEIRA, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, LARRY PRATT and ERICH PRATT and before that we completed interviews with WALTER REDDY and ROSIE HAAS.

Also, up at the trailer URL, is a clip of Edwin Vieira and one of Stewart Rhodes.  These are must-see clips.  Again, the trailer URL is http://www.MidnightRide.us/trailer

MIDNIGHT RIDE is the sister film to MOLON LABE, both films about the Second Amendment and its strict Constitutional application.  MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE — presented by MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT and OATH KEEPERS — are inspired by works of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.  Specifically, MIDNIGHT RIDE is inspired by Dr. Vieira’s newly-released book, BY TYRANNY OUT OF NECESSITY: The Bastardy of Martial Law available at Amazon.com.  MOLON LABE, our previous film, was inspired by Dr. Vieira’s previous book, THE SWORD AND SOVEREIGNTY, also at Amazon.com.  MIDNIGHT RIDE explains how the Militia System would preserve the Constitutional Order if ever rogue politicians attempted martial law.

As it did for MOLON LABE, MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT is working closely with Elias Alias of OATH KEEPERS on this film, again, to explain to servicemen and women exactly what orders they should never follow.  OATH KEEPERS has presented a detail of the rationale of this at their new site at http://www.OathKeepers.org.

Please watch the new trailer and then donate to this important production.  Just go to http://www.MidnightRide.us/donate and donate what you can.  We will accord you a Producer, Executive Producer, Associate Producer or Production Associate screen credit on the completed movie as acknowledgement for your contribution.

To donate by U.S. mail with your check or money order, please make a check out to “Matrix Entertainment Corp.” and send to Matrix Entertainment, 223 W. Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA 19333

Thank you in advance for any help you can grant for MIDNIGHT RIDE.  Our research, and these films, proceed on the donations of concerned men and women who know we have the greatest country in history, but who seek to build an even “more perfect union”.