Stewart Rhodes Fires Back at Mainstream Media

Stewart Rhodes Shines In Upcoming Documentary On Mainstream Media


In the afterglow of the British vote to exit the European Union we note that the vote likely surprised all the globalists who had believed that their media campaign would persuade the British citizenry to vote to remain in the EU. I see that as a victory for the Internet and a defeat for the elite’s media machine.

To further our counter against the propaganda mechanisms of the elite globalists, Oath Keepers Founder and President Stewart Rhodes has interviewed for James Jaeger’s in-production documentary film, MAINSTREAM: How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Promote The Globalist Agenda.

The combined propaganda mechanisms of the mass media across the world had urged the Brisith people to remain in the EU, but to no avail. It may be seen in part as a major defeat for the entertainment and news-media power houses, which are controlled, of course, by the same global elite who vie for control over the planet’s regional economies.

I mention that only to recognize that power centers always rely upon public relations. In America we watch as the Mainstream media pelts the national psyche with a never-ending sequence of distraction, entertainment, subliminal stresses, and a carrot of better-worlds-to-come dangling on a stick in front of our faces.  We call it the “lapdog media”, which supports the policy of statism for the benefit of centralized federal power. Globally, it’s even bigger than that.

The Internet is indeed a double-edged sword in the spiritual war for freedom. But so is the film industry which, while empowering the mechanisms of the elite, also empowers some liberty-minded artists who have studios in tow, such as James Jaeger.  Through James’ film-making genius, Stewart Rhodes has preserved the message of the Constitution in three consecutive movie/documentaries which Oath Keepers membership has helped produce.

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Below are three brief film clips from Stewart Rhodes as will be seen in James Jaeger’s new movie/documentary, MAINSTREAM. The first clip deals with how the media attacked Oath Keepers immediately back in 2009 (and since).

In this next clip Stewart notes the use to which the media is put for assaulting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

In this third clip Stewart notes the viewpoint held by mainstream studio executives who operate on a European styled double-standard.

You can help us make this documentary film. I am hoping you will help by going to this webpage for the movie to donate what you can.

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The website for the movie, with all the details, two trailers, and 21 clips from the various experts who are already filmed for the movie,  is here:


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