Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’

Would you? Would what they were fighting for (and against) make a difference?

“Will there be civil war if Brexit isn’t delivered?” the UK’s SKY News asks in a Monday Sky Views piece. Senior News Correspondent Michelle Clifford decided to do a human interest story on sentiments in at a fish and chips restaurant in Burnley, a “Lancashire town, where 67% of residents voted to leave the EU.”

“Oh, there’ll be mass riots. There’ll be hysteria,” proprietor Liz Pugh told Clifford. “There could even be a civil war.”

Of course this is pretty much hyperbole, speculation put together by Sky News because stoking emotions draws in readers.

No doubt feelings are intense, and no doubt the UK’s overwhelmingly Eurocentric leadership — and a substantial percentage of the citizenry (subjectry?) — have upped the odds of kingdom-wide uprisings. But chances are acts of insurrection won’t originate from hard-working people being squeezed out of their ancestral homeland. It will more likely initiate from within the foreign replacement population being brought in and embedded by globalists intent on erasing national borders.

When it does, the questions for people like Ms. Pugh would be “How will you resist?” and “With what?”

Because aside from some tightly-controlled “sporting arms,” your average Brit is essentially defenseless.

Per GunPolicy.org, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health (that partners with globalist gun-grabbers, but nonetheless has a good database of disarmament laws from around the world), “The regulation of guns in the United Kingdom is categorised as restrictive.”

That’s an understatement. Here’s the gist of it:


So bottom line, the people are dependent on the same government selling them out to protect them from threats to sovereignty and freedom, and if that government instead partners with enemies foreign and domestic against them, they don’t have the means to force an alternative outcome.

Every few years I ask readers a question based on an old WWII ad that asked readers to “Send a gun to defend a British home.” Overwhelmingly, the answer is not only “No,” but an emphatic “Hell no!” followed by the correct observation that they’ve squandered the freedom Americans died to secure for them and brought their sorry state upon themselves.

This time around let me add a follow-on question to those not feeling enough sympathy to help out:

Would UK patriots fighting to ensure sovereignty against Eurocrats and globalists change your mind?

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