Some Vets Demand ‘Gun Control’ in Spite of Oath


Just because you once served does not give you a right to betray your oath. Benedict Arnold by Hall, H. B., Artist (NARA record: 3123749) – U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

“As a Navy veteran, I know how America should implement gun control,” Shawn VanDiver writes in The Huffington Post. “As a former weapons instructor in the U.S. Navy, I own guns myself–and I want to keep them. However, I believe that our society is overflowing with lethal weapons and that we must take action to prevent more dead kids. “

His essay is actually a republishing of a screed he wrote last year for The Daily Beast, another left-leaning publication. And it’s probably good that he didn’t put any more work into it, as all he does is recycle the same tired old schemes other gun grabbers have thrown at us before:  Licensing of a right; required training to exercise it, and, of course,  “a modest tax to ammunition sales (think five to ten cents per round–a manageable amount).”

Obviously, VanDiver either doesn’t shoot all that much, or else he’s a man of means.  Curious, though, how often supposedly egalitarian “progressives” make things prohibitive for those on limited incomes, and particularly on black Americans. It’s actually reminiscent of another gun-grabber innovation, the Black Codes, designed to disarm via “facially neutral’ business or transaction taxes on handgun purchases.” And that goes hand-in-hand with Michael Bloomberg’s Everyplantation philosophy that cities need to disarm male minority members up to age 25.

VanDiver is another in a long line of veterans who seem to have taken a different pledge than Oath Keepers did. We’ve seen anti-gun vets who served and even saw action like Al Gore and John Kerry, and on the Republican side, the late Sen. John Chaffee and current Senator Mark Kirk. All of them swore an oath to the Constitution, and all embraced draconian citizen disarmament legislation in spite of the clear “shall not be infringed” proscription in the Bill of Rights.

Not to diminish their service, but they also need to be accountable for what they’ve done since reentering civilian life. And it’s harsh, but not out of line, to remind ourselves that at one time, one of America’s greatest military heroes, who proved his battlefield courage on several occasions, was a twice-wounded former patriot by the name of Benedict Arnold.

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