Shots Fired At Ferguson Market After CNN Broadcasts Fake News and Edited CCTV Footage…

Shots Fired At Ferguson Market After CNN Broadcasts Fake News and Edited CCTV Footage…

UPDATE: 3/14/2017

CNN’s Fake News is going to get someone killed.

–  Shortly before midnight, 7 or 8 shots were heard from an area across the street from the market. There appeared to be no injuries. Someone stuffed a rag in the gas tank of a police car, but the damage was minor.  (read more)


As previously shared, these events are entirely based on Fake News.  The claims by the documentary producers are false:

December 2014 – Grand Jury evidence shows that Mike Brown was one of a group of three people who went to the Ferguson Liquor Market at 1:13am on the same day as the shooting. The Grand Jury saw CCTV evidence of his visit approximately 10 hours before the cigarillo robbery at the same locale – this would have been overnight between Friday 8/8 and Saturday 8/9/14.

(page 172)

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UPDATE: 3/14/2017

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  1. Obbop 14 March, 2017, 14:04

    What to do about a feral population that appears to me to be unable to exist within a modern, industrialized society? Just continue along as has been done? What ARE the alternatives? Do you think this is what the Founders envisioned their creation as becoming in their future?

    Ideas and thoughts cascade through my mind. One envisions a military coup. Another has the USA warrior class wrenching away a portion of the current USA and creating a new country with a very secure border separating it from the old PC USA and leaving them to wither as they are likely going to.

    I am very grateful much of my life occurred before the excesses of the PC era fell upon us. I have no fear of the death that awaits us all. I lasted longer than some of my contemporaries and with no spawn to leave behind that will confront the increasingly idiotic, crazed, disgusting USA then let the place fall apart.

    Kinda’ sad, though. The USA could have beaten the odds and avoid the death that has befallen every past empire. Let future historians figure out the main factors causing the fall of the USA empire. I have my guesses but that is best left to those who can use hindsight. Nice knowing you USA. Sorry it had to be this way for you.

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