Sheriff Mack Recovering From Heart Attack: Prayers and Help Requested


Who is Sheriff Mack?

Some of our newer members may not be aware of the work former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Richard Mack has been doing for well over twenty years.  Sheriff Mack was a police officer at Provo, Utah, and became a twice-elected Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. Sheriff Mack is a member of Oath Keepers’ Board of Directors and the founder/president of Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), as well as a beloved friend and champion of Constitutional restorative work across America. Sheriff Mack travels all over America and appears on television shows, radio broadcasts, and countless websites as he spreads the word about the Constitution and the rule of law under the highest law of the land.  Richard is also a book writer. As a Board member for Oath Keepers he is a cherished stalwart and a deeply-appreciated friend.

Sheriff Mack with Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro

Sheriff Mack with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro


What’s This About A Heart Attack?

Sheriff Mack is in a bit of a tight spot, as he has suffered a heart attack. He has received excellent treatment at a hospital and is recovering nicely, but slowly, and he has had to greatly reduce (for some undetermined length of time) his customary activities and works for the liberty movement.  All things point to his ultimate recovery and a new “lease on life”, but he requires a recovery period, during which he can use our help in keeping the wolf away from the door at home. Being self-employed, he has no insurance policy and the hospital bills are rolling in quickly now.

How Oath Keepers Can Help

I have taken this from a page at Sheriff Mack’s personal website:

In November of 2014, Richard Mack’s wife Dawn was hospitalized with serious medical issues. Then, in early January of 2015, Richard suffered a heart attack that required surgery. Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance. Please follow this link to learn more about how you can donate.  If you prefer to donate directly to a bank account, here is the information to use: Bank: Wells Fargo Name on Account: Richard Mack Routing Number: 122105278 Account Number: 2816818385  Be sure to get a receipt. If you wish to verify that the family received the donation or have any other questions, send a note to: .  Much appreciated!

Also, here is his address for those who prefer to just mail a card and/or a check:

Richard Mack, CSPOA, P.O. Box 567, Higley, Arizona 85236

But there is yet another way our members can help, and help themselves directly in the process. Sheriff Mack has books for sale, and he would love to see a lot of folks purchase his books.  “Are You A David?” is Sheriff Mack’s most recent book. Here are several pages of books and things we can buy from Sheriff Mack’s website:


So our brother in the fight for liberty is now in a difficult time and can use our help.  Oath Keepers is requesting that all members and supporters please give generously.

With a salute to Carol Asher, (former assistant to the late Officer Jack McLamb), I am posting her “forward” of an Officer’s description of the moment Sheriff Mack experienced the onset of a heart attack and his brave dash to the hospital, with updates about Sheriff Mack’s condition and situation.

I wanted more information, and decided that Officer Rick Dalton, Mesa, Arizona (who partners with Richard Mack in CSPOA) would be the best man to call. I reached Rick and he explained this: Richard Mack was working out at the gym on Monday when his attack occurred. From experiences as a peace officer (and Rick confirmed), he knew that in calling 911 it takes, on average, a good 10-12 minutes for paramedics to arrive. Deciding he could do better than that, Richard jumped into his own vehicle and raced to the hospital – arriving there in just 4 minutes’ time!

He went into Emergency and rushed to the front of the line and explained that he was having severe chest pains and needed help immediately. Doctors took one look at him and said, “Yes, this is the real thing – let’s go!” They placed Richard on a gurney and rushed him up to surgery. As he worked, the doctor said to Richard, “This could hurt a little,.” and Richard waited for something really big to happen. But after some minutes (within just a half-hour total and to Richard’s surprise) the doctor said, “Okay, we’re done,.” having already inserted and installed a stent in the affected artery.

As Rick explained, they found that the left descending artery (the abdominal aorta), coming out of the heart and going down, was totally blocked, causing the problem. Rick says that the prognosis is that Richard is going to be okay! He added that (again some knowledge gained from police work) if the same total blockage occurs on the right side of one’s heart, it’s much more apt to be fatal, so we can certainly be thankful there.

Thanks so much for your concern, Michael. Rick Dalton said he was very surprised that some of us (like here in Idaho) are just now (Friday afternoon) getting the word about Richard, since this happened a whole 4 days ago. Anyway, better late than never, and we can just be SO grateful that the news is this good and hopeful! Richard did remain hospitalized for 2 days, but was able to come home yesterday, Thursday afternoon.

Rick did suggest, also, that any help friends can give (in addition to the continued prayers and good wishes) will be greatly appreciated. For example, people might offer support by buying an extra copy of one of Richard’s books, or maybe by just plain send along a donation. (More than likely, there will be some extra medical expenses to pay.)

Mailings can be sent to Richard Mack, CSPOA, P.O. Box 567, Higley, Arizona 85236.


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A special “Thank You” from Oath Keepers who can and would lend their support and prayers for Sheriff Mack.




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