Russian Hackers Pull Off Prank Phone Calls to McCain and Maxine Waters

Two Russian hackers, who go by the names Vovan and Lexus, pulled off two prank phone calls; one to Sen. John McCain and another to Rep. Maxine Waters. In the calls they claimed to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. They spoke of the need to increase sanctions on Russia with both of them, and it should be investigated by US authorities as to whether they released secret information to the hackers.

In the Maxine Waters call, Vovan and Lexus made the claim that the Russians had hacked the elections in Limpopo. Limpopo does not exist, but is a place in a Russian children’s fairy tale. Maxine Waters assumed Limpopo did exist, and promised to lend assistance to the deposed President of Limpopo.

In both calls, the two hackers actually mentioned their own names, as if daring the two to recognize the prank, but neither caught on.

How is it that two pranksters were able to talk with McCain and Waters, and be believed? It is a sad statement of where the world is going that two pranksters can fool a Senator and a Representative. Or maybe it is just the stupidity of McCain and Waters.

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