Remembering 9-11

Today let us remember our fallen from 9-11-2001, including the first responders who lost their lives while running into the buildings at the World Trade Center and up the stairs while others were running out. Let their example of courage and service inspire us to step up, put our boots on and answer the call when our fellow Americans are in need.

Never forget.

Stewart Rhodes

9-11 was a great tragedy that snuffed out the lives of far too many innocent people, including the brave firefighters and first responders who sought only to help those in need. That day changed all of us, and it changed the Nation; some for the good, and some for the bad. Those of us who were alive at the time knew where we were when the shocking news reached us, just as the news of the assassination of President Kennedy is etched in our hearts and minds.

Despite our many divisions, when tragedy strikes, we are, above all, Americans, who seek to help those in need, just as many people, of whatever race, religion or political persuasion are reaching out to help those devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This is our Country. We live here, and we dig deep to help those in need. We are Americans.

Shorty Dawkins

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