Raising Cornish Cross Chickens For Meat

Kevin, at Living Traditions Homestead, has produced a series of YouTube videos giving a comprehensive lesson for the newcomer in raising chickens. From the arrival of the chicks to their processing, Kevin gives a week by week look at how he cares for the birds.

Kevin uses the basic concept espoused by Joel Salatin, using “chicken tractors” that are moved each day, to house the chickens. The “chicken tractors” are used to protect the birds from predators. Hawks, eagles, owls, raccoons and foxes are just a few of the potential predators. “Chicken tractors” are a compromise between free-ranging your chickens or housing them in a coop. These chickens are not egg layers, but are raised as meat birds.

Day Old Chicks! Setting Up the Brooder!

1 Week Old! Getting Some Feathers!

2 Weeks Old! Incredible Growth!

3 Weeks Old – Moving to the Chicken Tractors!

4 Weeks Old – Thriving In the Chicken Tractors!

5 Weeks Old – What to Expect When Moving the Tractors!

6 Weeks Old – Managing Stress

7 Weeks Old – The Final Week?

7.5 Weeks Old. The Final Step!

How to Build 2 Chicken Tractors in 4 hours for under 100 dollars


  1. Deborah 6 January, 2018, 13:21

    Chicken to me is far better and cheaper. Ostrich and cornish seemed wild flavor. If one likes deer over red meat you might like this bird.

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    • Shorty Dawkins Author 6 January, 2018, 14:07


      Cornish Cross are a cross of two chickens. They are the most heavily bred chickens for meat purposes.

      Shorty Dawkins

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      • Deborah 7 January, 2018, 00:41

        Thanks, I’d never heard of them. I will have my farm by spring, with plans for a coop for eggs only and a rooster to hear at dawn. Rhode Island Red, Easter chicken, and Buff Orpingtons is all I know. Maybe a Peacock to compliment the place. They will all be pets!

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