Is Prosecution Retaliating Against Todd Engel? – Bunkerville

Is Prosecution Retaliating Against Todd Engel? – Bunkerville


by Shari Dovale  November 5, 2017

Todd Engel is one of the Bunkerville defendants that will face Judge Gloria Navarro in a sentencing hearing.

Out of a 16-count indictment, Engel was charged with 10 counts and convicted of 2 counts after his trial earlier this year.

These are the least serious of all the charges, and do not carry enhancements or mandatory minimum sentencing.

Greg Burleson was also convicted during the same trial, though he was convicted of 8 of 10 charges, including enhancements.

To keep it in perspective, let’s start by showing the actual results:

Charge Burleson Engel
Count 1 –
Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States
NOT Guilty NOT Guilty
Count 2 –
Conspiracy to Impede or Injure a Federal Officer
NOT Guilty NOT Guilty
Count 5- Assault on Federal Officer Guilty NOT Guilty
Count 6- Use and Carry of a firearm Guilty and jury found in addition Guilty of brandishing his weapon. NOT Guilty
Count 8- Threatening a Federal Officer Guilty NOT Guilty
Count 9-Use & Carry of a Firearm during a Crime of Violence Guilty and jury found in addition Guilty of brandishing his weapon. NOT Guilty
Count 12- Obstruction of Justice Guilty Guilty
Count 4- Interference of Commerce & Extortion Guilty NOT Guilty
Count 15- Use & Carry of a Firearm Guilty and jury found in addition Guilty of brandishing his weapon. NOT Guilty
Count 16- Interstate Travel & aide to Extortion Guilty Guilty

Engel was convicted of:

  • Count 12- Obstruction of Justice
  • Count 16- Interstate Travel & aide to Extortion

Neither of these charges are firearms related, nor do they have enhancements attached. Let me explain why this is important.

The government powers-that-be are preparing for Engel’s sentencing. However, they are acting as if they are targeting Engel in a possibly unethical, and questionably legal, pre-sentencing report.

Burleson’s mandatory minimums total 57 years, which leaves 11 years for his remaining charges. Engel has only 2 charges, yet they want to make him serve over 20 years for them. Does that really add up?

Engel explains below in his own words, what the guidelines are versus what they should be. There is always some leeway for the judge’s discretion, but this has gone way beyond that.

Engel should be nearing his release date, yet the prosecutors, that have been showing a very poor record at conviction for this protest, seem to be trying to make up for it in one fell swoop.

Are they are trying to sidestep the actual trial, and sentence him to serve time for crimes for which he was not convicted?

The people are on his side, as well as our elected officials:

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  1. Prester John 11 November, 2017, 14:16

    We have dodged bullets from the inception of the organization. Having a legal team in place to deal with situations (exactly like this) should have been a priority before any of us stepped up to confront the tyranny (and incompetence) that passes for administration of justice in our Republic. With a Constitutional attorney/soldier at the helm of our organization, it was more or less an assumption.

    Knowing our criminal injustice system is stacked with lazy, left-leaning sycophantic attorneys and judges; we should have patriotic legal minds researching the issues we will be confronting when we decide to put boots on the ground or contest actions by the deep state. Turning the tables by using the court system AGAINST these characters by filing briefs and and researching various state and federal laws before we put boots on the ground is a no-brainer (at least while rules and laws still matter and are being used against us).

    Shy of exigent circumstances; the legal footwork should always precede an action. Leaving it to the layperson to weed through all of the legalise and then try to explain it to the “authorities” is an excercise in futility. Showing responding LE copies of the law (city ordinances, state statutes or the Constitution) as it applies to the situation, is met with laughter and derision. Comments include- “I don’t know anything about that. We let the attorneys sort all of that out in court. Are any of you attorneys?” They laugh out of the other side of their faces when they know conscientious, patriotic attorneys are on the matter and it is THEIR actions that are being scrutinized!

    Having faced arrest, assassination, firing from a long held position and a host of other indignities; I for one would like to see us become more preemptive in our postions before we find ourselves (like Todd) on the receiving end of Uncle Shoog’s ideas on justice.

    God bless Todd and his family and what they have (and continue) to endure. Prayers for continued strength, patience and courage as they continue to face the giant.

    john k

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