‘Progressive’ Media Attacks Oath Keepers for Monitoring Elections against Intimidation and Fraud


And this has what to do with Oath Keepers’ ‘Operation Sabot” poll monitoring volunteers…?

“’Guns Down’ Project To Fight Back Against Firearm-Related Voter Intimidation On Election Day,” Media Matters breathlessly alerted its followers, accompanied by an unrelated photo of some Ohio open carriers, placed on top for emotional effect. “Voters Can Text ‘GUNSDOWN’ To 91990 To Report ‘Poll Watchers Who Use Firearms And Other Means To Intimidate.”

Naturally, no dire warning against patriots actually monitoring polls for intimidation and fraud would be complete without the obligatory swipe at Oath Keepers.

“Stewart Rhodes, the leader of extremist group Oath Keepers, announced ‘Operation Sabot 2016, instructing members to ‘go out into public on election day, dressed to blend in with the public … with video, still camera, and notepad in hand, to look for and document suspected criminal vote fraud or intimidation activities,’ (A sabot is a device that helps keep a projectile centered as it passes through the barrel of a firearm or other delivery mechanism),” the warning elaborated.

It’s hardly surprising the documentation links went to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Watch” site, rather than to anything posted by Oath Keepers. It’s hardly in the Soros-funded/White House-allied Media Matters’ interests to have it known that “sabot” in this case was specifically presented as a wooden shoe, referencing “a sabot in the machine to stop voter fraud & intimidation.”

“Rhodes told members not to bring guns,* but the Oath Keepers are closely associated with open carry protests, including the open carrying of firearms during unrest in Ferguson, MO,” Media Matters grudgingly conceded, desperately trying to conflate lawful acts of good citizenship with threatening displays to suppress votes. The other thing they conveniently forgot to mention is that Oath Keepers members were asked to protect businesses in Ferguson by grateful locals. It’s awful hard to smear people as racists and haters when the evidence shows the opposite:


As long as we’re talking evidence, why not look at what Oath Keepers is recommending in the “Call to Action” the collectivists are getting the collective vapors over:

What we need you to do:  Therefore, we call on you to form up incognito intelligence gathering and crime spotting teams and go out into public on election day, dressed to blend in with the public, without any Oath Keepers hat or T shirt on, and with video, still camera, and notepad in hand, to look for and document suspected criminal vote fraud or intimidation activities, by any individuals, groups, or parties, and then report those incidents to your local police.

Do NOT attempt to stop the suspected criminal activity or confront those committing it. Just spot it, document it, and report it to local and state law enforcement, encouraging and helping them to do their jobs.

Keep a low profile so as not to disrupt things and notify lawful authorities if appropriate? In other words, if you see something say something? How “anti-government extremist” is that?

As expected, those who say it is get the lion’s share of the media coverage. You can find similar SPLC-inspired treatments on Vox, Raw Story, Daily Kos and plenty of others, further bleeding over to The Huffington Post, The Washington Post (calling Oath Keepers a “militia group”) and more. And it’s instructive that the “For ‘progressives,’ every day is Opposite Day” maxim once more proves out.

*The actual statement from the Call to Action:

We do NOT want open-carry (remember, again, that this is a covert operation) but if you carry a gun concealed for self defense, be aware of the restrictions on doing so near schools and also of the restrictions on doing so near or inside a polling place. Be sure you know the laws in your state, and abide by them scrupulously, in detail.

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