Lifetime Member: Trucker

$1,000.00 $800.00


Lifetime Membership – Trucker

A onetime fee of $1,000.00.

  • Official Member status
  • Membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Laminated membership card with sequential member number
  • Access to our members-only national forum
  • Access to our truckers only forum
  • Access to our truckers only communication system (Zello phone chat, exclusive reporting system, tip line, HAM radio)
  • Access to our Family Safe Network where local chapters will assist your family if you’re stuck on the road
  • Access to Oath Keepers chapters across the country to assist you if you’re stuck away from home during an emergency
  • Access to truckers only intelligence and communication training
  • Access to members only Community Preparedness Team (CPT) Training
  • 2 Oath Keepers bumper stickers and 1 back window sticker
  • Color Oath Keepers brochures and Oath Keepers “push” cards (size of business cards) as an outreach “Startup Kit.”
  • Oath Keepers DVD
  • Pocket Constitution
  • *Discounts on Oath Keepers gear, training, conventions, etc.
  • Access to premium content, including exclusive alerts, instructional videos, webinars and phone calls for members only
  • Access to special vendor discounts (Third party gear and training being offered to Oath Keepers members)

*Lifetime Members get a 20% discount, Liberty Tree Members get a 10% discount and Annual Members get a 5% discount.

Additional benefits for lifetime members: Solid silver Oath Keepers Lifetime Members challenge coin

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