Pentagon Says ‘No Guns’ for Recruiters: Hide Behind Partitions Instead


Gen. Brilakis did not say if he’d be replacing service weapons for guards at Quantico with partitions — so as not to make visitors uncomfortable.

“The Pentagon has decided against arming recruiters in the wake of the Chattanooga terror attack that killed five soldiers,” Investor’s Business Daily reports. “Instead of guns, officers will get ‘desk partitions.’”

Marine Corps Commanding General Mark Brilakis says the decision was made because educators, students and parents might not be “comfortable” seeing armed recruiters. As for when military personnel are in their storefront offices, Brilakis says it might also offend the sensibilities of mall shoppers.

Good grief.

Add to that official condemnation by the brass of volunteer civilian Oath Keepers standing guard, and it’s evident that in spite of all the “Thank you for your service” lip service, the military “leadership” would rather see its personnel dead than armed, at least when not deployed in combat. As for that condemnation, as noted in my GUNS Magazine “Rights Watch” column posted last month, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes dismissed its enforceability.

“We will continue to guard recruiting and reserve centers,” Rhodes declared in a clarifying update for those perceiving a policy letter had the force of law. “If we were to stand down and stop protecting the recruiters that would just put them back where they were—unarmed and defenseless.”

As for the desk partitions, that also presumes recruiters will have no personal interaction except from behind a shield that can’t be breached or gone around or over – as, of course, they can be. And forget about having protection on campus visits or while going to or from work. Mustn’t make the conditioned sheeple uncomfortable by letting warriors be seen with weapons.

This is Opposite Day “progressive” insanity. At a time when committed enemies of the United States are threatening escalating actions on U.S. soil – and our own government is indiscriminately welcoming in unvetted hordes and dispersing them throughout the Republic – the most vulnerable “military targets” are being rendered even more defenseless by their own leaders.

That has all the appearances of enemy action.  It’s an indicator that there are no orders the political class of generals will disobey — or at least resign in protest over.

See more on this from Marine Corps Times.

UPDATE: I asked Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes for a comment but published before I received it. Here’s his reaction:

Truly, the brasses are asses.  Since the brass in DC continue to deny the troops the ability to defend themselves, we will continue to protect them wherever possible, as our members and other patriots are still doing across the nation.  There are limits on how many patriots can volunteer to do so, and on how long they can do so, but if they can, they will.  We see it as our duty to our brothers and sisters in current service, who are still the targets of terrorists, and still being orders to go unarmed, as sitting ducks, by an idiotic policy.   So long as the recruiters themselves are OK with our guys being there, they will whenever possible until the recruiters, not the brass, ask them not to.

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