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Patrick Wood continues to expand his outreach. Author of the remarkable book named “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation”, he is in my opinion the world’s foremost authority on the mischief of the Trilateral Commission and the damage the TC has done to America.  I have viewed several of his interviews and I always learn something new as Patrick Wood adds yet more names, dates, and places to the narrative on how powerful men exert behind-the-scenes influence on our national “policy” both foreign and domestic.

All Oath Keepers will want to learn this important knowledge because the insights will hone our understanding of what is happening to America right now. In this interview James Corbett conducts a fast-paced exposure of one of our primary sources of current problems by letting Patrick Wood lay it all out in his own style.  Mr. Wood’s style is of course built around his astonishing body of research, which makes him one of my favorite sources.  Arm yourself with knowledge by enjoying a fast-paced hour with James Corbett and Patrick Wood.

At the Corbett Report page we’ll find the show notes for Interview 1046 of May 28, 2015, and this summation:

24/7 surveillance. Smart grid controls. Carbon rationing. Today we talk to “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood about the hidden history of technocracy, the dark plan for a resource-based economy that is being pushed by the Trilateral Commission, the UN, and other globalist institutions in order to bring about a completely managed, controlled and regulated society.

Read more, watch the brief Vimeo segment, and order your copy of the book here:

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