On Division And Hypocrisy

Confederate flag10

by Shorty Dawkins

There is much hypocrisy surrounding the Confederate Flag in recent days. There are those who want to ban it, altogether. Ebay, Walmart and Amazon now refuse to sell Confederate flags, and politicians are screaming to have it taken down, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. For those two to be leading the charge for removing it, is, to say the least, brazenly hypocritical, as they both used the Confederate flag to promote their candidacies. Don’t believe me? Check these out.

Confederate flag 1Confederate flag 2

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Confederate flag

The controversy surrounding the Confederate flag is all about division, nothing more. That Hillary, Obama and the Clinton-Gore campaign used the flag to promote their candidacies points out how they will use anything to get elected. Right now, they wish to increase divisions between black and white Americans. The dripping hypocrisy and sleazy manipulation of the Charleston shooting is just another example of the complete lack of ethics of politicians, (of both parties, I might add).  They will use a symbol, if it helps them further their goal, or turn on it as soon as they think it useful to do so. They have no qualms about twisting the meaning of any symbol, (or words, for that matter).

There is an agenda surrounding the Confederate flag controversy, which is to divide the people along racial lines. It is up to us, the people, to see through their phony hypocrisy, and to laugh at their pathetic attempts to divide us.

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