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Point of Contact: Randal Tucker

Phone: (405) 626-3179

Email: ok@oathkeepers.org

Web: N/A


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  1. Bush 17 November, 2015, 20:52

    Retired U.S. ARMY, PMC Veteran, firearms instructor, force protection instructor, counter terrorism instructor. I want to get involved, better yet, I need to get involved. Tired of sitting on my ass and watching bad shit happen to good people!!!! Please contact me and let’s make a difference. I’m just outside of Bristow Oklahoma

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  2. Hawkeye 10 December, 2015, 16:01

    I am currently serving the country in the United States Army. I have proudly taken the oath to support and defend the people of this country. It’s getting under my skin though when our oath says “all enemies foreign and domestic” and we cannot fully fulfill our oath if we’re taking orders from the enemy in this country. But I put that uniform on proud and I thank all previous veterans that are on this page for their service. It made it possible for me to put that flag on and stand up.

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  3. Chief_tt 1 January, 2016, 12:48

    Greetings fellow Patriots! It’s awesome to see so many in the NE Ok. area who share in this passion to organize. I’ve been searching for a group to join & have searched Militia sites & such, but it seems they all share a common problem; poor leadership and organization. Now, more than ever, the need for BOTH is great. I feel 2016 is going to be the year of reckoning; as long as we are under the present administration, we need to be ready. I have never had the honor of serving in the military, but am willing and able to serve my country in whatever capacity needed to protect & secure the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I live in Delaware County & am looking forward to joining forces with you all. I will be sending this message as an email to Falloutmedic for more info. Godspeed, and God Bless!

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  4. Harrison 6 January, 2016, 11:21

    Hi, I’m a student at the University of Oklahoma. This organization caught my attention by its degree of professionalism and conviction in its role of providing security at the Sugar Pine mine. I have no military or law-enforcement background, but believe in the cause and would like to be involved.

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  5. D 15 January, 2016, 00:44

    I’m in south west oklahoma. Ex army. I am looking to join the team. Give me a date and time and I’ll be there. My oath still stands firm. The constitution is our rock. We must uphold it from all enemies. Foreign and DOMESTIC. I’m awake. If there is a group ready to fight for God, family, country anywhere near me please let me know. If not I’ll drive to okc till we can get a chapter started here as well. Molon labe!

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  6. ItsMeMikeT 10 March, 2016, 12:12

    I’m interested in meeting in western Oklahoma anywhere from the state line to OKC. If there’s still a regular meeting somewhere, I’d like to attend. I’m a veteran of the first gulf war era, OKARNG.

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  7. JoeUSooner 14 April, 2016, 10:23

    I’m a VietNam vet, Army, 1968-1971. Moving to Edmond next month. Anyone in the area involved in (or wanting to organize) a local chapter, please contact me at jhmoore1@sbcglobal.net

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  8. danimal 6 July, 2016, 23:39

    Sequoyah county Oklahoma. Im looking for some oath keepers in the erea. God bless.

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  9. Mike 29 September, 2016, 10:01

    I am in Bryan County. I Joined a while back but haven’t seen much activity. Is there anything going on in Oklahoma?

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  10. Marcy 28 October, 2016, 18:17

    Any chapters forming in or near Lawton or Duncan, OK? I’m not military, but I strongly support our military and our U.S. Constitution.

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  11. Fuzzy 9 December, 2016, 17:01

    Does anyone know if Oklahoma Oath Keepers is active. Last year I tried to contact the state rep. with know success.

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  12. Stacy 8 January, 2017, 04:24

    Retired Navy Master-At-Arms looking to join a group where we can stand up and make a difference for this country that I love and defended a life time doing and I’m willing to protect take a stand & do it again for GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY & SERVICE ! Even though I’m a disabled veteran

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  13. Harold 12 January, 2017, 23:29

    Hello Randal, I received my packet a couple weeks ago but have been paying Liberty Tree for about 3 mos. I want to be involved in all issues and concerns for us but Okla., seems so disorganized from my view. I would like for us to be a group that is together and like minded. There are so many against our way of thinking and our dream for the future of America. Lets have meetings and talk, meet and greets and make OK Okla friends.

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  14. dwredd 5 February, 2017, 07:13

    I would like to know if a former armed security officer that was cleet certified can become a regular member.

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  15. PHILLIP 8 February, 2017, 15:29

    New member here. Is the Oklahoma Chapter active? Im interested in any and all aspects of this organizations mission.

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  16. JEFFREY 26 February, 2017, 21:16

    Just joined .. like to more about the Oklahoma group.. MARINES 1985-1989

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