Ohio Cop: You Stood Up There And Took An Oath

Ohio Cop: You Stood Up There And Took An Oath

Ohio Cop’s Outrage Goes Viral: ‘You Stood Up There and Took an Oath’

An emotional video posted to Facebook on Wednesday by an Ohio police officer has gone viral after she vented her outrage about a recent police shooting, demanding that police officers with racist sentiments stop patrolling in neighborhoods that contain people of color.



nakia-jones-coeddotcomElias Alias Note: This article was published on July 08, 2016, and updated on July 09 2016 at this link —


I am proud of this woman officer, and I am proud to recommend her to Oath Keepers national leadership for consideration as a candidate for a national award as Police Officer of the Year for 2016.  Below is a brief excerpt from the article which features her video presentation.

Nakia Jones, Thank you sincerely for moral and spiritual uprightness and for setting an example for all police officers across this vast land. Your personal courage and dignity is a credit to all police, and a reminder to all to honor their Oaths.


Elias Alias, editor


Note on Sunday July 17 2016 by editor:  The above praise represents my personal take on Nakia’s emotional reaction to seeing the video of the shooting in Louisiana and is not to be seen as an official Oath Keepers statement.  Some among us can appreciate her reaction, but others in our organization have a different opinion. I am editing in a response sent to me by one of our leadership gentlemen who has a more level-headed take on Nakia’s outburst. (The video will be placed below Greg’s op-ed.) The following is from Greg McWhirter, Montana Peace Officer liaison. Thank you, Greg, for sending this in.

Well, you guys know me, and you [know] my opinion about all the division in the country. This is the first time I’ve seen this video.

I can completely relate to this lady’s background. I grew up in the bad part of Indianapolis, east 10th st. I lost friends to the “street life”, whether it was prison or the grave. I’ve had to arrest some of those people I grew up with. So I can understand the context of how personal this is to her. Also, referencing herself and family as “African-American” is not really self segregation. A lot of us black kids grew up where being referred to as black was kind of like being referred to as an object, and it dehumanized us. So I don’t think she uses that phrase to self segregate, or reverse racism. I think she may have grew up in a household where you are more than your skin color, so I understand the idea that she would say it like that and I would say don’t read too much into it.

With all of that said I can say this, there are 5  things this lady said that I don’t agree with at all. There are MANY things she said that I do agree with. If you are an officer who;

Is afraid to go into these communities and do your job,
Has a god complex,
Has a chip on his shoulder,
Has something to prove,
Is actually racist,

We don’t need you, your community doesn’t need you, turn your shit in. I think we all agree on that.

I agree with her on those points and more. We can do without the emotional response, we can also do without her assumption that those Baton Rouge officers did wrong. She should know better than anyone to let the investigation complete, and let the facts come out before she assumes they murdered (acted unlawfully ) that man. So I rebuke her emotionally charged rhetoric on that point. She said a lot of good stuff, she said some bad stuff. It was directed to our fellow officers, as Stewart has said, let the cops admonish the cops. If she has 20 years of service, she’s earned a seat at the table to say her part.

I say leave it up, and tone down the “she deserves an award” spin.

Greg McWhirter



A seven-minute video posted by Warrensville Heights officer Nakia Jones, regarding the police shooting of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, had been viewed over six million times by Friday afternoon, when rumors began swirling that she had been fired.

Mayor Brad Sellers quickly confirmed that she is not suspended, and that she did not violate the department’s social media policy. However, during an interview with local station WKYC, Jones tearfully explained that she has been placed on leave by her supervisor and does not know when she will be able to return to work.



Please read whole story at Original article found here  —  http://sputniknews.com/us/20160708/1042675385/ohio-cop-slams-racist-police.html

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