Elias Alias: Apology For Posting Fake Article

Elias Alias: Apology For Posting Fake Article

Notice To All Readers: Apology From Elias Alias For

Posting Bogus Article!

If you came to this page from any link which may have been emailed to you, please do not hold the sender responsible for my error. I have been senior editor for Oath Keepers for seven years, and have built a reputation for posting only verified or verifiable articles. In those seven years I’ve been duped twice by “spoof” articles, and today, June 20, 2016, I bit on the wrong bait and fell for it.  I can accept that I got sucker-punched by a very cleverly done fake article. The heat belongs on me, not on those who trusted me to only publish verified articles. I know of two who found the article soon after I had posted it, and emailed it out to their lists. I deeply regret the loss of trust that my error has caused good people whose only mistake was to trust me.  I hope that they will also forward this apology to their lists as well.

Our initial reaction here at Oath Keepers, once we discovered that I had been tricked, was to just remove the article. However, some friends, as I noted, had already emailed the link to this page out to their lists, and I cannot get those emails back for them, so I have discussed this with Stewart Rhodes and received the okay to place this link back on our site but erase the original text and replace that with my apology to all readers and friends.

There are some ironies, and I’ll mention a couple here.  First irony is that I myself have long boasted about being a “psy-warrior” combating “MindWar“.  I pride myself in being a good psy-warrior, and it is hugely ironic that I let myself be fooled by the article in question. Dang! They scored one on me, and that smarts. But it’s true. I fell for it. Worse, as soon as I had posted it, I left my cabin and drove down to town to clear the post office, and, as I live miles from town I was gone for almost two hours before I got back here and learned of my travesty. Yikes! Shorty Dawkins had just removed the article, but I already had a flurry of emails shrieking about it, and some friends had already spread it around to their lists. Wow. And I had thought I was stressed before, lol!

But that brings up another irony. Considering the nature of the criticism lodged against me for committing an editor’s “Unpardonable Sin”, a lot of Americans just now seem to be quite tense about the political climate in this country, not to mention because of other woes which we all know exist, such as economic uncertainty, war-footing around the world, taxes and regulations of oppressive nature, job insecurity, high suicide rates, federal agency mischief against land owners, ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, the newly proposed Senate bill to draft women into the military, etc.  Lots of angst is evidenced amongst the awakened citizenry. And who can blame anyone for being concerned? I sure can’t. I’m more concerned than I’ll let on, myself.  And here is one more reason to be concerned —

Whoever put that article together was not just playing around. Nope. The article was very professionally composed, had all the right “touches”, such as using an AP photo in their article and using embedded links. I repeat — this article is very professionally done, and was not done simply to amuse the public. Nope, not at all. It was done to create the kind of havoc which I unleashed by publishing it here. So the ironic question is, who would have gone to the trouble to make such a realistic looking article and try their best to hide the deception? Who would do that?

I’m sure we’ll never know, but the question itself is worthy of asking. Could this possibly be a psy-op? Could that sort of deception possibly be the work of government psy-warriors? Could it have an unseen purpose, such as a pro-built piece of propaganda to gage public reaction, in order to harvest “HUMINT” by monitoring responses? Again, we’ll probably never know, but it’s a good question because, as we do know, our dearly beloved UN-cle Sam employs many psy-warriors to do all sorts of psy-ops, such as misinfo and disinfo, for nefarious purposes.  Check it —


As one associate pointed out to me, this bogus article is disinfo. Why would psy-warriors create this sort of disinfo? What would be gained by publishing it? Are they tax-paid, or are they corporate paid, as in the companies which do contract work in psychological operations for the U.S. government? Such questions will probably not be answerable, but must be asked none the less.

So I’m hoping all readers will forgive my error in allowing myself to be sucker-punched by some wickedness I should have seen for what it was at first glance. I truly regret being too hurried or stressed to take time to do my customary digging before posting something.  I hope to appeal for your mercy in light of the seven years I’ve been in the trenches as senior editor here, living day and night on the front lines, while only making this sort of mistake twice. I’ve been around,  I’ve taken the hits and the pressure, and I’ve seen it all, and I damn sure should have spotted this one for what it is before posting it.  I am also one resilient old coot, and I ain’t about to let this hit blow my ship out of the water, and I recommend every reader overcome it and move forward as I am. Do as I’m doing — use this as a wake-up call to be ever more vigilant in all we do, and question everything. All the time. Even if is something I posted.

Thank you!


Elias Alias, editor

Study The Disinfo Piece: http://abcnews.com.co/obama-signs-executive-order-banning-sale-of-assault-weapons/




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