Oath Keepers Must Be Force Multipliers to Ensure Truth is Shared


The power of having an effective force multiplier: “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it” – Archimedes. Illustration: Mechanics Magazine, London, 1824

Countless reports on Oath Keepers involvement as guardians at recruiting centers, at mine operations and in strife-torn neighborhoods provide constant reminders that the media is desperate to portray them as domestic enemies. That in turn colors the way the public perceives the group and its activities. Equally outrageous is how many so-called “conservative” and “pro-gun” bloggers and “pundits” swallow and parrot media lies — a case in point, those who have condemned the Ferguson outreach and propagated the “racism” innuendo, without once looking at what’s really happening there.

The great disparity in reach between Oath Keepers and a mass media that commands newspapers, television networks, and websites/social media platforms that reach millions, not only results in demonization of all members, but increases the danger to those putting themselves on the line and in the middle of things.  We owe it to those standing guard to watch their backs, and to do what we can to bypass hostile media to get the truth out. And in order to do that, we must become more than just consumers of information—we must become conduits for sharing it. We can go through, over, under or around the gatekeepers by being force multipliers for the Oath Keepers message, which all of us should be doing as a matter of course, and simply put, as a matter of duty.

One important way to do that is by sharing links to Oath Keepers alerts and articles, and an essential way to do that is through social media.  I’m talking to all you Oath Keepers who have managed to (intentionally) avoid it this far.  Yeah, I know all the objections. People waste time on Facebook and Twitter with stupid stuff. You give up too much personal information.  You can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg.

Who can?

I get all that.  What I also get is, if that’s your final word, you’re squandering opportunities and ceding an entire battle space in an ideological civil war that’s already being waged against your rights by collectivists who are using social media to great effect — oftentimes coordinated from the White House. No one says you have to waste your time with topics or people who can’t help with the mission. If you don’t want personal information listed, don’t list it. And why not use the resources of subversive billionaires to spread a message they would rather see suppressed?

Refusing to use available tools in this conflict is intentionally putting on restraints. Ground is being surrendered without a fight for no better reason than the excuses cited above by people who could have made a difference expending minimal personal effort. Yet we still have a significant percentage of set-in-their-way types from within our ranks that not only don’t care, but disparage and discourage getting involved. Since when is that a winning attitude?

If you still think using these resources is not worth your time and doesn’t make a real world difference, just answer one question to your own satisfaction: Why do you think China is blocking all these websites if the ability to spread information is not seen as a threat to tyranny that must be suppressed?

While we sit here in relative comfort looking at a screen, Oath Keepers are out at locations where they’re needed, enduring whatever real risks and hardships may confront them, putting themselves completely on the line. And the implication from those with the big megaphones is these friends of ours are extremists, racists, domestic terrorists. We can see for ourselves that trusted sources for reporting on their activities are few and far between. The very least we can do for them is to share the truth of what they are doing with as many people as we can, to counter the negative media narrative as best we can.

Right now, before doing anything else, why not go to the Oath Keepers Facebook page, and spend a few minutes there looking around to see how it is used to help spread the word? If you don’t already have an account, there’s no better time than right now to get started being a force multiplier.

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