Oath Keepers did NOT organize the Global Rally for Humanity

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There has been a lot of confusion about Oath Keepers and this last week’s Global Rally for Humanity .

For the record, the Oath Keepers had nothing to do with this rally what so ever.

It has been mis-represented by many major news outlets that this is an event that was organized by us and that simply is not the case. We have sent out letters and communicated directly with some of these writers in order to get this information corrected.

We find it very disheartening that someone who is writing for the mainstream media would not take the time to contact our organization directly and confirm what is, up to that point, hearsay. A basic tenet of journalism is to check your facts. This does not seem to be done by these so called “journalists.” It seems they are more interested in demonizing us than reporting on truth.

A good rule of thumb when concerning Oath Keepers National and what we are, or are not planning and/or organizing, is to check our website or email newsletter. It is through these avenues that will make announcements concerning our upcoming projects and operations.

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