Oath Keeper Testimonials

Michael McNally

Michael A. McNally

Testimonial: I am a retired combat Veteran, my rank was SFC/E-7 promotable. I served from 1974 to 1994 in the U.S.ARMY, I am airborne qualified and jumpmaster qualified. Units I have served with are 1/11 ACR, Yuma proving grounds, Drill Sergeant, 82nd Airborne Division, 2/2 ACR. I also went to the Q course but was disqualified because I broke my leg in Phrase 3. My MOS’s were 11B, 13B, and almost 18B.

I took my oath along time ago and to this day that oath stays with me. I will defend the United States of America against all enemy’s foreign or domestic under the Constitution and bear my true faith and allegiance to the same, so help me God to the day I die. This what the oath means to me, as a Veteran and a citizen of this great country. I will Die for my Country and the Freedoms our forefathers fought for, to keep America safe. I LOVE MY COUNTRY.



Gerard “Greywolf” Babin:

Testimonial: I am the Son, Grandson, Great and Great Great-grandson of Veterans; I am also a Marine Veteran.

My oath was taught and held in the blood of my forefathers, and theirs before them; and then passed to me to take up – which I did with honor.

My Oath encompasses everything servicemen & women and those before them sacrificed for those who can’t comprehend what it means to defend their freedom.

I was born a free man & will live and Die free; defending My GOD’s Law; this country and my family – Until Relieved by GOD Himself or his Son. The Creator gave us this gift & it is our duty to defend it what ever the cost.


US Marine Corps


Testimonial: I always wanted to be how I felt inside. Something few knew or understood. Growing up back then was just what you did, little direction ya know.

Joined the marines in 1975, dam those dress blues, couldn’t fly, flat feet. Had to get a waver to get it as it was. Ended up with cellulitis and bursitis, doc said I’d never make it through after that with the waver and all. So instead of standing up for what I wanted the scared little boy brought me home. Honorable discharge under medical conditions. told me I was a veteran yet not entitled to benefits of any kind.

Never bragged about it through the years, always remember the day I left. The feeling of being in parade at sunset singing the hymn, the pride. Funny you look at what this state says you have to be a veteran or what the government says and there all different. understandable some have to be due to combat time etc… yet I took an oath and it still lives in my heart and seems to have become stronger through the years.

I may feel due to all of this I stand alone, yet I know I don’t. Yet I’m not going to try and impress anyone to fly they vet colors or join their group out of respect.

To all who earned the tags they wear my heart is by your side. to all the others I may seem like sheep yet that’s not the way I’m going to die.




Testimonial: I took The Oath in October 1967, whereupon it was buried deep within a special place in my heart, and honored until my separation from active duty in 1972.

It has resided dormant in that special place until being called to active duty, once again. The first time it protected against a falsely-touted “foreign enemy”. The second time is to protect against a known “domestic enemy”. My Oath and I are committed and ready to give Life, Fortune, and Sacred Honor.

For the Republic,

LoneStarHog (Hog)
Texas Life Member #140


Henry Shaffer:

Testimonial: A 67 year old veteran drafted in 1969 went to Germany for 5 months then went to Vietnam for 10 months come home in 1971 love fishing, hunting and camping. I live in the National Forest in my trailer. Deals that I took when I was drafted was to protect the United States from foreign and domestic threats to our Constitution the foreign threat I tried to protect in Germany and Vietnam, the domestic threat I go to the Second Amendment of the Constitution it says I think that the right to bear arms was also given to me by my founding fathers to protect against our own government from changing the Constitution in order to do that they give us the 2nd. Amendment. l will protect – will you.



Frank Tompkins:

Testimonial: I am not a Veteran, but I am a civilian Oath Keeper. For those who would question my motives, or suggest that I don’t love my Country, and fully support our Soldiers, you could not be further from the truth. Please allow me to explain where I am coming from.

My father came home from the Korean war, a mentally disturbed, abusive, alcoholic. He remained a mentally crippled, abusive, and angry man for his entire lifetime; which was a very long time. He, and our entire family, suffered from his mental illness for over 60 years. He passed away just a couple of years ago, at the age of 85, a bitter old man.

My brother came home from the Vietnam war, and committed suicide. May they both now rest in peace. It has taken an act of God for me to forgive this government, and its military, for what they have done to my family, and for what they are continuing to do to our brave troops, and their families. This is the reason that I can never recommend that anyone join the military. In fact, I encourage every young person I know to stay out of the military. I hate war. Not people. War is nothing but a money making racket, that destroys men’s lives. I pray daily for the young men, and women, who have been, and who are being lied to, and entrapped by this bloody racket, of using their own bravery, and Patriotism against them, for the personal profit of the International Banksters. If someone truly wants to serve their Country, and defend our freedom, I now encourage them to become an Oath Keeper, get trained, and help us purge this greedy cancer from our beloved Nation. May the God of Abraham bless you, and yours, with a knowledge of His Will, and all spiritual wisdom, and understanding.