Oath Keeper Testimonial


William B.:

Testimonial: As a Cavalry Scout in the US Army, I once had a chance to uphold my oath in a way that wasn’t very popular. I was forced to attend training in California, even though my wife (at the time) was to give birth to our son within the next week or two. I went to the training, unhappy but following orders. Then I found out that shortly after arriving, 1 female soldier had died due to an accidental overdose on the medication she had been given to help her cope with the pain of being pregnant. She was NOT supposed to attend this training being pregnant. She and the baby were lost, and another female lost the baby she was pregnant with due to the harsh conditions set when training out in the field. She, as well, was not supposed to attend that training.

However, our loving and thoughtful Colonel had forced EVERY SOLDIER, no matter what their status was, to attend this training so that he could have 99% attendance and be up for his VERY IMPORTANT promotion.

I attempted to contact JAG, notify my NCOs that this was wrong and even brought it up with my Company Commander… No one was willing to say anything or do anything about this breach in responsibility. This was, as I feel, murder.

Myself and a battle buddy took off across the desert with 1 camelback each and a pack of crackers from an MRE. We walked 8 hours through the desert, found a ride, and took a 2 day trip south before calling an NCO, informing them of our location, and having the police retrieve us and return us to base. Once placed in front of judge and jury, I informed them and anyone else I came into contact with about the happenings and the situation.

I was discharged with an “Other than Honorable” which causes me to be ineligible for any benefits and I am not allowed to re-enlist at any point, but I did hear from several of my squad mates that shortly after I had been discharged, the Colonel and several other officers had been relieved of duty.

Someone has to be the red flag, and sometimes that flag gets dirtied or torn, but sometimes it’s worth more than your suffering to make things right.