Oath Keeper Testimonial


Barry M Saux:

Testimonial: My name is Barry Saux and I joined the Marines in 1997 and served till injuries prevented further service in2005. I did not serve in the Marines for money or benefits. No I entered because I love America, freedom, and to honor those who came before me that gave me the freedoms I enjoyed.

I took an oath that day I entered at MEPS. I swore to protect my country and Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. I fought to give my children, and those throughout America, the freedom that I so loved. I followed my oath even as it cost me much of myself, because to me this Oath is my word and is me.

I returned from Iraq to see my country, the country I love so becoming exactly what I fought against in other countries. The last I checked I have never been released from my oath to this country and Constitution and thus I must find a way to right the wrongs that I see being done to the people. I will stand till the day I die and fulfill my OATH to America and the Constitution.

I have joined with the Oath Keepers in the hopes that they will find a way to defend the Constitution and America.  I write this because I am not afraid of what they do to me for loving my country. I will stand and I will follow my Oath. I ask those of you who will read this, will you be willing to do the same? What are you willing to give up to keep what our forefathers gave to us? For me, I will give all because that is what my Oath means to me. For those who will refuse to stand, I will stand for you because that is my Oath.

Barry Saux