Oath Keeper Testimonial

USS George Washington

Ld Storm:

Testimonial: Ex-Navy Vet here 5 yrs of service USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN 73

I volunteered for the service for the one and only reason anyone should and that was to insure that the blood our fore fathers shed for our freedom was not done in vain and that the freedom they died for will remain in place regardless of the situation.

We, as Americans, represent almost every continent on the globe, and we are 300 million plus strong, not to mention the countries that support us as a people. The Military has to state its position not only to the White House but to the people and understand that when you do state your position that you are and always will be the peoples army not the government’s. Let’s face the fact our government is broken at every level, so it becomes the Military’s job to remove, at force if necessary, our current government and assure that a new government will be formed with people who can be trusted. Obama’s current cabinet has not done the job, congress has not done the job, the senate has not done the job, so who will do the job? Four years into every vet and active duty military’s WATCH! I am watching my words out of respect for you the oath keepers but our duty is not over and has only begun.

The only real war that should ever be waged is the war against tyranny and corruption. As oath keepers, we don’t have the right to wash 200 years of freedom down the drain, and our only right and duty to god, country, and family is to maintain that freedom, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST so help us god. It’s not when you die or how you die it’s how you will be remembered. I promise you one and all I WILL NOT WALK SOFTLY INTO THE NIGHT until the job is done!