NorthWest Liberty News: Lord Monckton In Kalispell Montana

lord-monckton-adJim White of NorthWest Liberty News manned the camera and captured the entire presentation by Lord Christopher Monckton, who was on tour in Montana from England, speaking at various venues. This video yields important information about the “climate change hoax”.

NorthWest Liberty News and Concerned Citizens of NW Montana hosted the special presentation by Lord  Monckton, Third Viscount of Brenchley.

Lord Monckton, an expert from the United Kingdom, spoke on Global Climate Change and BREXIT at the Outlaw Conference Center in Kalispell.

Lord Monckton was co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies with Margaret Thatcher in 1974 and later Prime Minister Thatcher’s policy advisor. He is Chief Policy Advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) and also the International Climate Science Coalition, and has testified on four occasions to US Congress on Climate Change.

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I drove to Kalispell, Montana, to meet Lord Monckton and found the gentleman to be very entertaining as well as an awesome presenter on the subject of “climate change”.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to the dinner afterward, where all relaxed with friendly liberty-fighters in high spirits.


Addendum: Lord Monckton accommodated my hope of being photographed with him. Dan Happel held the camera.

Disclaimer: I had not been drinking — this is just how I am by nature.  😉


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