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State Director: John Sandstrom

Phone: (701) 789-1922


Facebook: North Dakota Oath Keepers


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  1. otrmike 21 May, 2015, 11:49

    although I have no military experience I am hoping that I can still join, learn and defend our state and country. if the need arises, which I feel maybe soon sadly. I am here to make a solid life time commitment to learn, train, and uphold any and all responsibilities placed upon me . if you feel I can be of help please let me know and who I need to talk to thank you.

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  2. Boats 30 June, 2015, 02:28

    Any oath keepers in Dickinson this former deck ape is interested in joining

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  3. Roy 7 July, 2015, 21:05

    Would like to join and start telling people about oathkeepers and our plan to develope
    community preparedness teams. I have been preparing for 3 yrs. Please send me info
    on how to sign up and begin.

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  4. Wendy 15 July, 2015, 00:56

    Why is no one responding to the above queries? We are people who want to help.

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    • Nicholas 27 October, 2015, 05:10

      I’m here. I’m not a group leader, i’m looking to join a group or if there isn’t one than I will start one. Let me know what your plans are and maybe we can start one of our own.

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      • Tommygun 8 February, 2016, 21:12

        I live in Williston trying to get hooked up with others of oath keepers in ND, been trying for a couple of weeks to call Jon sandstone no response anyways WTH 😎✌️ let’s try

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  5. rooster69 29 August, 2015, 06:17

    please send more info so far I like youre ideals! and would consider becoming a supporting member!

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  6. Nicholas 27 October, 2015, 05:07

    Live in Bismarck but I can go anywhere in the state. Looking for a group or to start a CPT in Bismarck.

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  7. Nicholas 27 October, 2015, 05:25

    If anyone wants to contact me about starting a group in Bismarck I am more than happy to chat. Thanks.

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  8. natural 15 January, 2016, 22:39

    I am a vet.I live incentral ND.If I can help out in Oregon,w/the Bundy group to help keep the me,I retired an possible be availible on short me @ at above e-mail.PS I willbe sending my dues in tomarrow(w/ my friends also).there might be more coming from my friends in town(vets) best to all, natch

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  9. Tommygun 10 February, 2016, 07:44

    Good morning we need to set up a meeting somewhere in our great state and get going! West-east? It doesn’t matter! Let’s get our shittt together! My phone# 7013391767 and e-Mail Nick and I have started Comunications, looking forward to working with you all!

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  10. Diamondback64 30 November, 2016, 18:04

    Looking for members in sw corner of state

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    • Diamondback64 4 February, 2017, 10:36

      Want to establish a bridge between ND and sd groups I am located on the sw border of ND. Lets work together to strengthen both states.

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  11. Lori Miller 1 February, 2017, 17:46

    My Son served in the Marines, my Father also served in the Army, I have the utmost of respect to the Armed Forces..EXCEPT, for what I see happening at Standing Rock Reservation. I answered a call out for RESPECT to our TROOPS, I was there..I also asked the question; Would America’s Armed Forces, draw weapons against American’s and to kill the American’s that basically saved us all?? HOW SOON AND EASY WE FORGET, THE CODE TALKERS, WHERE WOULD YOU BE NOW WITHOUT THEM?? PLEASE SUPPORT STANDING ROCK, THEY ARE AMERICAN’S ALSO, AND ONES WHO HAVE SERVED THIS COUNTRY HONORABLY!! THANK YOU

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  12. Lori Miller 1 February, 2017, 17:48


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