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Point of Contact: Dennis Lagrua

Phone: (908) 369-6983

Point of Contact: Capt. Robert Roselli

Phone: (201) 993-0781


Meetup Site: Bergen County Oath Keepers


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  1. italo609 5 August, 2015, 20:59

    Was told there is nothing in Cumberland County, well I’m ready to get things going!! Tired of not getting responses to emails. Interested??

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  2. Stuman 11 August, 2015, 05:37

    I have now become an Oath Keeper, I received all the items that you sent me. I am in Ocean County and am wondering when you have meetings and what do I need to bring with me when going to see you. Would like to hear from you by email. The sooner we meet or email is the sooner I can start thinking of what I intend to do. I wait for your email. I was a medic in Vietnam 65-67, Welcome Home.

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    • Bob 29 August, 2015, 22:45

      Stuman, I am in Brielle, Monmouth County. Call me 732-528-7867. Leave call back number on answer machine if I am not home.

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    • frank 6 November, 2016, 18:12

      Stuman, I’m in Ocean Cty as well interested in knowing more about oathkeepers.

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  3. klr650 11 August, 2015, 15:43

    I live in Bergen county NJ I have no service record but I have other things I might be able to bring to this group I am retired have time
    am interested in your group I feel this country is in deep trouble
    I am 63 I feel the need to do some thing

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  4. Danny 12 August, 2015, 12:29

    Hello, my brother and i were interested in joining. Do you have any chapters in Middlesex county, NJ

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  5. Bob 29 August, 2015, 22:56

    To III%, Nice meeting you today 8/29/15. See my message to Stuman for contact info.



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  6. citizens arrest 2 December, 2015, 20:07

    I am extremely disappointed with the nj chapter. I check this blog every week and find people reaching out yet no reply from team leaders. I spoke directly to one of the contacts in bergen county over the phone some time ago. He sounded more like a whipped lawyer than anything else. Never hear anything about any meetings, prep groups or the fact that any of the oath keepers train as a team for worse case. We are all just sitting on our butts letting this asshole continue taking this country apart piece by peice. Boy are we in trouble.

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    • Van 2 January, 2016, 21:01

      Citizens Arrest, What County are you located? I’m in Burl-Co near Burlington.

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    • al 17 January, 2016, 14:29

      I totally agree with you. I joined oath keepers over 6 years ago hoping that I would meet up with like minded patriots who share the same views, I have yet to meet anyone from SJ who cares. It just seems like the closer we get to the NWO fulfillment the less likely we run into anybody who care.

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    • Greg P 15 November, 2016, 11:34

      Maybe we should organize our own chapter and run it seperate, if the don’t want to respond! I tried to contact them a few times with no response.

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  7. Wizard 6 December, 2015, 19:27

    Ex army veteran infantry/Medic 20yrs Medic EMS paid volunteer ER experience Time to get ready for.when the shtf

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  8. Mike V 9 December, 2015, 17:03

    I’m in Levittown, PA (19057) looking for other Oathkeepers to meet with. Since the closest to me in PA is well over 2 hours, I’m hoping to find others in South Brunswick? Princeton? Lawrenceville? Trenton? Burlington NJ?, etc…

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  9. Jake 28 December, 2015, 00:56

    Down here in atlantic county…I’m a 100% SC vet…looking to meet up with local folks that share oath keeper ideals…

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  10. al 17 January, 2016, 14:18

    I joined the oath keepers 6 years ago because I believe in the same values and have the same passion that I thought the founder had. At first I was excited to be a part of something that I was lead to believe would be growing. There are a lot of us who see the direction this country has gone and sometimes it would be nice to meet up with the same like minded patriots that one could sit down and fellowship together. But after after i joined the oath keepers I soon found out that that was not going to happen. I think it’s important to have that contact form time to time because one can not share his or hers true passion about what’s going wrong with this country through facebook that we all know is monitored.

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  11. bill 18 January, 2016, 09:20

    Hello, retired military, i am seeking information on a possible member of the morristown nj oath keepers chapter. I play on line poker with an individual who has been sick and have not heard from hin in a few weeks. I have very little info on him I do know this, retired from att, after that opened on business, ex airforce, used mike as screen name and lived near morristown. He was also involved as a volunteer firefighter. If you have any information i would appreciate hearing from you. thank you, bill

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  12. Chief 26 January, 2016, 08:37

    Looking to get involved within the community, Burlington County Area.

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  13. George 20 February, 2016, 05:22

    Hi located in bergen cty. Would like to join but don’t know who to contact. Any help on that?

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  14. stepman 10 October, 2016, 11:44

    For anyone wishing to get in contact with NJ Oath Keepers please go to the top of this page and see the phone numbers for our leadership. You can also go to and find the contacts on the left.

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  15. Greg 15 November, 2016, 11:28

    I notice we have a lot of people in amiddlesex county, maybe we should have a meeting or two here?

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  16. Greg 15 November, 2016, 11:32

    Citizens Arrest, maybe we should have our own meeting s if they won’t respond back to us!

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  17. Jack 14 February, 2017, 19:33

    If your interested leave me your phone number. Call 609-439-8477

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