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Point of Contact: Chris Reitmann

Phone: (603) 309-0846


Web: N/A


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  1. Rich 20 January, 2015, 21:14

    I am a member and am looking to make contact with the NH group.

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  2. azeal 25 February, 2015, 14:32

    any in Cheshire county, keene? I am a full member.

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  3. Dave 8 March, 2015, 23:46

    I am a life member from Cheshire County looking to make contact with NH chapter.

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  4. Pete Norris 21 April, 2015, 18:21

    Hello Brothers, and Sisters….I am the New York state OK Comm. Officer…I am looking to get in contact with the NH. OK state comm. Officer. Please forward my contact info. We are creating a NE OK comm. network, and are looking to have your participation. Many thanks…Yours in Liberty… Pete N.

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    • Chris 19 July, 2015, 02:39

      Hi Pete,

      Sorry for the delay – I don’t check this page for comments and it appears I should. Contact me through and we can talk.



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  5. Cowboyz9fan 20 May, 2015, 08:21

    Concerned about Obama ,possibly declaring martial law ,as a tool to remain in office beyond 1-17-2017… Also concerned about (Jade Helm 15) And the many Executive Orders ,Obama has been quietly signing……. Giving himself complete control of Americas infrastructure …

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  6. Bulldogsniper 28 June, 2015, 19:57

    Im a life member would like to get every one together in this state to start helping out on the problems we are facing thank you.

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    • Rothacus 31 August, 2015, 20:27

      My friends and I are looking for a group near central NH that we could get together with.

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  7. Starsandstripes 22 July, 2015, 13:37

    I am a new member in Sullivan county, and though I realize things are happening, I’d like to be involved in some capacity. I’m ok with a ride to Keene for coffee?

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  8. Marc Rogers 23 July, 2015, 19:38

    I would like to thank Chris for his direction today at the Keene Recruitment center. I came to the center not knowing who was in charge but was ready for service or told to go home if we had enough guards. Thank you for allowing this civilian.(I have taken my oath) volunteer and play the pipes. I appreciated the chance to give back, and keep my word.

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    • Ron B 12 August, 2015, 13:47

      Sorry someone did that to you, we are not all like that.

      Ron B

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  9. macky 24 July, 2015, 22:30

    I am a army vet and would like to find out more about oath keepers. I am a retired snowbird and believe in what I have read about your organization but I am not a radical.

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  10. Saddlebackmac 3 August, 2015, 19:07

    Interested in more info on joining and maybe talking with someone from southern N.H. I am a U.S. Marine.

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    • Rooster 7 August, 2015, 15:55

      I also live in southern nh and would like to get more info and joining NH chapter. Strength in numbers.

      God Bless


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  11. Rothacus 31 August, 2015, 20:23

    I am thinking about becoming a member, I would like to see if there is a group near Lebanon, NH

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  12. Mike 8 September, 2015, 22:20

    I am interested in potentially becoming a member is there a chapter in Southern NH area?

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  13. Ron B 14 September, 2015, 21:46

    Is there a chapter / group in central NH Lake area?

    I am interested in potentially becoming a member.


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  14. flinter 4 October, 2015, 13:03

    NH does not have an official CHAPTER that is recognized by National. It would seem however that there is enough interest here to get one going. There are plenty of members here but are spread out over the state. It has been very difficult to get the NH members together. I see there are a few of you from southern NH. I am in Danville NH. Feel free to contact me if you want to get together and shoot the bull.
    NH member.

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  15. Ed Wilson 4 October, 2015, 17:03

    Flinter, I see you say that there is no “Official Chapter in NH” have you contacted the POC at the top of the page? if so and that is what he told you please lets us know or if he is not answering anybody we also need to know that.

    Thank You

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    • flinter 5 October, 2015, 17:47

      It is a well known fact that National does not recognize a NH chapter. The problem is the lack of participation on the part of the members to get teams together and to set up a chain of officers.
      Until that happens, There will be no official NH chapter. Its pretty sad when you cant get members together for a meet and greet. I went to a cookout a few months ago where 9 people RSVP’d and myself and my girlfriend were the only ones who showed up. That’s the second time that has happened. The hosts for the cookout turned out to be very nice people and we enjoyed their company very much. They are very dedicated to the cause of liberty. The POC was schedualed to be there but had a family emergency and was unable to attend. If we don’t get together, Nothin gets done. Its that simple.
      The POC is a very busy guy and is not always available. At least he stood up where nobody else would. My suggestion would be to get on the NH forum and get active. There has not been much activity there for some time. Its really depressing. There are at least two oathkeepers local to me and I have sent invites. NO RESPONSE….
      I think the best bet would be to get regional teams together or perhaps by county. Whatever works. Right now we are spread out all over the state and it makes things difficult.

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      • Steve 25 November, 2015, 02:47

        Where about in NH are you located, I’m just outside concord. Need to get everyone together.

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      • Steve 3 January, 2016, 23:16

        Let me know if there is any type of “meet and greet”. I’m in NH just outside of concord.

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  16. Steve 26 October, 2015, 05:15

    I’m a member from Merrimack county looking to make contact to any other local members

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    • Bryan 6 February, 2017, 13:05

      Hi, I live real close to Merrimack. I’m not a member but I’m looking further into this group. I’m an army vet looking into liberty movements which help keep local, state, and federal politics socialist free, or at least the influence of anti-American policies to a minimum. I also was hoping to link up with people who enjoy keeping up with outdoor skills. Would you be willing to fill me in on this group by email or in person? Thanks for your attention to this message.

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  17. Steve 3 January, 2016, 23:13

    Is anybody on here getting any type of response?

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  18. Ol Grey Wolf 12 January, 2016, 14:38

    I am in Sullivan County. Been trying to shake things up for several years now. Would be interested in a meet and greet and shoot the shit any Saturday….

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  19. tim 5 March, 2016, 05:30

    im interested in possible joining ,any info or a possible meet would work

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  20. Poptart447 12 May, 2016, 15:49

    I’m an army vet in southern no looking to join the by group. I know participation needs some help especially right now we should get organized

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  21. Mike J 19 July, 2016, 14:07

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a chapter that meets in the Hillsborough County area?

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  22. Sapper1 24 October, 2016, 06:51

    Hey Flinter are you still out there? This is Sapper1.

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  23. Robert 16 January, 2017, 12:57

    Looking for a Chapter in the Cheshire County area. We have some interestsed if one can be established

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    • Sapper1 17 January, 2017, 18:28

      Robert there is no active chapter here in Cheshire County at present. A while ago there was 3 members when Chris was the POC for NH. It would be good to get it going here. What do you say?

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  24. Dave N 2 February, 2017, 20:44

    Is anyone meeting in the Concord area

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  25. USMC 03 24 March, 2017, 11:58

    When are you going to take action? I feel like everyone knows of the evil that’s taken siege of our government but no ones wants to be the one to cut their teeth. Start something,anything!! But going quietly into that good night is not my destiny, ONCE push comes to shove.

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  26. Hades 27 April, 2017, 05:21

    I’m new to the area, and I’m just hoping to make contact with the local chapter (Hillsborough County) and either join up with a CPT or start one.

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