#NeverTrump ‘Republicans’ Prove Tone Deafness with Third-Party Trial Balloon

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No, here’s what would happen: Gun owners would find out Cuban urged Michael Bloomberg to run for president and he’d be toast.

You’d have to be oblivious not to notice an increase in sentiments on this and like-minded websites that political “solutions” to metastasizing tyranny are illusory. Voting, many have concluded, amounts to self-delusion and wishful participation in a rigged scam. More and more now view the unique system bequeathed by the Founders as sabotaged beyond repair by wannabe totalitarians interested only in power at the expense of human freedom and lives.

That recognized, barring some as-yet unforeseen natural or created cataclysm, there will be an election in November and a new president will be elected by those who participate. The “choices,” such as they are, will presumably be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Clinton, of course, is a monster. No more needs to be said, does it?

Trump has been all over the board, but has nonetheless drawn his share of enthusiastic support from flyover country. That’s because he talks an appeasing game for many — for now — on the Second Amendment, and on immigration and jobs.  Such has not always been the case, leading others to question his sincerity and to expect betrayal once their votes are no longer needed.  Time was, he called for prior restraint infringements like “waiting periods” and registration-enabling “background checks,” as well as a ban on semi-autos demonized as “assault weapons.” Add to that in 2011, immigration watchdog Numbers USA gave him a “D-“rating.  And it’s been recently reported that, after a private meeting with Trump, “pathway to citizenship”-advocating casino magnate Sheldon Adelson plans to drop $100M on the Republican front-runner’s campaign.

Government-designed and engineered cultural terraforming, despite NRA’s continued deliberate indifference, is the primary threat facing continued “legal” recognition of the right to keep and bear arms. That’s evident from the “surge of immigrants seeking citizenship, voting rights before elections.” For the long term, adding untold millions of anti-gun Democrats to the voter rolls (and factoring in “birthright citizenship”) will result in a federal legislature where overwhelming majority Democrats can enact any “gun control” edicts they want. It will also result in a succession of presidents who can and will issue royal proclamation “executive actions” with impunity, and federal judges who will uphold whatever those who nominated and confirmed them desire. Noting Heller was only 5 to 4, that means literally every judicial gain enjoyed to date will be reversed and then some.

That’s something “cheap labor Republicans” have been helping to bring about, with NRA’s just-reaffirmed Grover Norquist working hand-in-fisted-glove with Michael Bloomberg. These are the ones screaming #NeverTrump the loudest, and a new (albeit seemingly DOA) move to draft Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to enter the race as a third party candidate shows how desperate and tone deaf they are to why heartland America is angrily rejecting the establishment GOP.

As recently as February, Cuban had not ruled out Hillary Clinton. Seriously? And at a time when many Americans are struggling to make ends meet as companies relocate operations  overseas, he has echoed the sentiments of fellow billionaires, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, not to mention Norquist and Bloomberg, to bring in more foreign workers.

What about guns? He may come across to some as moderate, but paying attention to his words and actions shows the concept of the *right* to keep and bear arms is something he really doesn’t get.

“[W]e make a point to ask all of our guys, do you want a gun? Is it registered?” Cuban told foreign anti-gun propagandist Piers Morgan. “You’re not allowed to travel with it no matter what.

“But take it on your car, and thinking you’re at risk, if you’re going to some place where you feel you need a gun, don’t go there,” he advises. “And that’s what I tell my guys.”

An essay could be written just on the short-sightedness of that one ignorant opinion, but then again, he is talking about NBA players. Besides, when people who want to meet with you have to first be allowed past by a security guard, it’s easy to wonder what the big deal is.

Here’s the kicker on the guy’s electability, his high opinion of his prospects notwithstanding: Cuban encouraged Michael Bloomberg to run for president. That’s all millions of us need to know.

The thing is, this isn’t about Cuban anyway. This is about what’s in the heads and hearts of “Republicans” who wanted him to run. They’re not really against Trump, per se, they’re against the ideas he has brought to the fore that resonate so deeply with so many Americans.  He‘s not the threat, those ideas he promotes are. Those who passionately embrace such  ideas are the people sore loser neocons are desperate to discourage, marginalize, and discredit.

The best way to do that is to do what they can to sabotage the Trump campaign.  Yes, of course they’ll be willing to give things to Hillary, including the Supreme Court, as long as they can keep control of their piece of things. And if they can arrange that, they’ll use the loss they help bring about to blame Trump supporters, and to warn the disaffected of the “proven dangers” of straying too far off the reservation.

Never mind that following the yellow stripe down the middle resulted in losses with Dole, with McCain, with Romney/Ryan, and that the GOP establishment, while occasionally making the right noises, never really seems to produce fundamental restorations so much as make pit stops along the way to more government and less freedom. In truth, they don’t give a damn about what Constitutionally-limited government advocates hold dear as long as their place at the trough is reserved.

As Oath Keepers, per its bylaws, “is a non-partisan association,” and I don’t officially speak for the organization, this isn’t the place for an endorsement – besides, I reserve those for candidates who get my questionnaire right. Still, it’s hardly out of line to ask you, the members, what you think of the “choices” being offered this November. Please use comments to let the rest of us know what you plan to do and why.


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