NavyJack – Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States

NavyJack – Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States


Any discussion regarding the current destabilization of our nation invariably results in a demand to know who is responsible. Instead of keeping you in suspense, hoping that you read the rest of this article, I am going to tell you upfront that the person responsible is your next-door neighbor. That’s correct, your neighbor is responsible for the rapid down-spiral of our country. They did not value their freedom, liberty and rights. Very bad people, many being American,  figured this out when we interred citizens of Japanese descent during World War II and have been working on taking control of our country ever since. Don’t feel like this is a purely American issue, Germany did the same and much worse to their Jewish citizens. Stalin and Chairman Mao used the same tactics.  In the end, the willingness of a people to allow their government to strip citizens of their rights with a promise to provide for a slight measure of safety and security is the weapon that aspiring dictators have used for centuries.  Now many of you may think of yourselves as either a good Republican or good Democrat.  What people that think this way fail to recognize is that upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, our two-party system ended. Eisenhower warned us this would happen, he even told us who would take advantage of it (“the Military-Industrial Complex”). Fascists  or what we now call “Globalists” are slightly more accurate labels for the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower referred to, but in either case he was warning us that our nation’s power structure had been infiltrated by very bad men who would achieve total control of our nation in time. We failed to listen.

Who Benefits from the Campaign?

Like any good crime novel, the first question a good investigator will ask is “who benefited” from the crime that has been committed. In the case of our nation’s destabilization and collapse, each group contributing to the destabilization sincerely believes that they will be a primary beneficiary of the resulting new system. Organizations like La Raza believe they will be able to balkanize the country and realize the promise of a new Hispanic homeland, Aztlan. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement believe they will be the recipients of some long overdue reward for the past mistreatment of their race and be able to live in a new balkanized urban society that is not governed by white devils and thuggish white police officers.   The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists seek to balkanize our country, much like they have done in Europe, to provide for Sharia Law zones and an eventual North American Caliphate. The United Nations is sincerely looking forward to becoming the central committee of the “New World Order” heralded by George H.W. Bush.  This is the promise each of these groups have received from the financiers of their movements. At their root, all of these movements rely on tribalism and racism to motivate their members. Now I know many of you will say that the Islamists are motivated by religion. This is false. Even the most ardent Jihadi Islamist leader is racist to the core against whites, asians and blacks. Now some of you may say “but many of the Jihadi attacks have been carried out by blacks and Asians”.  This is true, but in their purist world, all races are inferior to those of true Arab descent. In the end, the Islamists will use anyone willing to support their cause. When they achieve their goal of balkanization and conquest, the inferior races will be expelled, disposed of, or worse. This is no different than the vast majority of Black Lives Matter protestors being white, working for black leadership. In the end, these whites are dispensable and are never considered equals within the movement. Black Lives Matter even has rules for whites that participate in their protests to remind them of their subservient role and past “white privilege”.  I believe it was Vladimir Lenin who labeled these types of people “useful idiots”. There are dozens of other causes at work, each pushing for their piece of the pie when our nation collapses. The Communists (they like to call themselves socialists) are a particularly nasty group that seeks revolution through whatever means to herald in their repressive, totalitarian leaders. Communists will leverage any form of hate, racial bias or religion to achieve their goals.

President Obama Speaking at the National Council of La Raza

Who Finances these Divisive Organizations?

I know a lot of people believe that the George Soros Group of Foundations is the principle “Darth Vader” that finances these divisive groups. He is to an extent, but there is still an “emperor” behind the scenes setting the agenda and controlling his actions.  The United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and many more are at least equal to the influence and financial support of Mr. Soros. Many nation states are incredibly anxious to finance our destruction, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Iran.  I’m not sure if you noticed, but the U.S. Government has been financing its’ own destabilization since 1963 with the advent of the Vietnam War.  Each of these organizations wants some level of control over the people, resources and territory held by the United States when the curtain finally falls.  Some of these organizations work together, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their goals. Some of these organizations are competitive, hoping to capitalize on our destruction at the expense of other organizations working towards our demise. I know it is easy to want to point a finger at each one of these groups individually and seek to stop their evil work, but the real villain here is your neighbor. You see, had your neighbor not become complacent with their liberty and freedom we would not be having this discussion. Had your neighbor not accepted state control of the media, unfettered spying on their life’s activities, social safety nets that have been abused for decades and the willingness to disarm for paltry promises of greater safety, this discussion would not be required.

Legendary Globalist – George Soros

How does Party Politics influence the Destabilization Campaign?

Between 1963 and 1980 both major political parties recognized the advantages of making promises to the voters that were beyond our means to pay for which in turn forced our country into unimaginable debt. This debt burden has shaped our nation’s foreign policy and caused us to engage in unspeakable acts of war.  Our nation has forced regime changes in many countries to pacify our creditors and conducted false-flag operations both domestically and abroad to buttress our failing economy and achieve societal goals imposed on us by these same creditors.  Ronald Reagan came along in 1980, at the utter horror of the political establishment, and sought to upend the progress the Globalists had made.  President Reagan was only successful in delaying the progress slightly during his term in office. Many people believe that the failed attempt on Mr. Reagan’s life, only 69 days into his Presidency, was secretly orchestrated by the Globalists.  Had Reagan died, leading Globalist, George H.W. Bush, would have ascended to the Presidency. Reagan survived, but his firebrand attacks on the Globalists ended the day he was shot.  With the election of George H.W. Bush, the Globalists were off and running again with the “New World Order” label, doing everything they could to make up for lost time under Reagan.  This has continued through to our current President, Barrack Obama and would accelerate should Hillary Clinton win the next election. Mr. Donald Trump is a major threat to these Globalists, and they will do whatever they have to do to keep him from ascending to the Presidency. Anything. Nearly all of the media attacks against Mr. Trump are sensationalized stories that twist his ineloquent statements into charges of racism, sexism and worse. He is no angel, but the vicious attacks from Globalist interests tell us who his real enemies are.


What are the Relationships between these Organizations?

It would take years to diagram and explain all of the various organizations, interests and relationships at work to destabilize the United States. Various authors have focused on one aspect or one cause. To make this easier to understand, the following graphic provides a high level overview of the types of organizations, their relationships to other types of organizations and a non-inclusive list of the organizations within each type. Again, the lists within each type of organization (Quasi-Government, Banking/Finance, etc.) are not inclusive, they are illustrative.  Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) enlist the support of high level government officials, politicians and “think-tank” researchers to produce consensus documents/policies intended to guide Quasi-Government and Banking/Finance interests. In turn, the Quasi Government organizations tailor the guidance received for use in directing activities of Social Movements with the support of Banking/Finance organizations.  Political Movements generally rely on financing that comes from Foreign Governments with strings attached that achieve the interests of the foreign government sponsor(s). The Political Movements embed their operatives within various Social Movements to gain power and influence. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is extremely active within the Black Lives Matter movement. This cooperation achieves several goals, including the expansion of manpower, the broader dissemination of the Political Movement’s influence and the ability to leverage financing from Foreign Governments to buy influence within the Social Movement hierarchy.  Within the United States, both the Social Movements and the Political Movements are shielded by the major political parties. For example, Saudi Arabian influence has flourished under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Turkish support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its resulting influence in the United States has also been supported by both Republican and Democratic administrations.  The intent here is not to define all of these relationships. The intent is to convey an understanding of the interests at work, their purpose and the methods that they are using to cause the eventual demise and fundamental transformation of our nation.  In many ways, the various organizations are playing a game of musical chairs, hoping to have a seat when the music ends.


Some Specific and Recent Examples of How These Organizations Provide Direction, Mutual Support and Financial Assistance

Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen, responsible for the recent Pulse Nightclub mass shooting, was radicalized by New Black Panther Party Leader Marcus Dwayne Robertson. Marcus Dwayne Robinson is not only an advocate of radical Islam in Florida he is also famous for being a bodyguard for the Blind Sheik of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. The Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, is the leading cleric within the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily financed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey.  Marcus Robertson is a severely anti-gay Muslim activist, and provides radicalization training via his Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary in Florida. Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen was his student.

Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen

Other high profile participants in Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s classes include Eric Sheppard. Sheppard was charged with carrying a weapon within a school safety zone in connection with an April 2015 “F**k The Flag” protest incident in which he allegedly left a firearm inside a backpack on campus.  He was the leader of the “F**k The Flag” movement that leveraged members of the Black Lives Matter movement to generate unrest.  From this single example, we see how Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE can influence and finance activities of the Muslim Brotherhood which in turn extends influence to the New Black Panthers, F**k The Flag and the Black Lives Matter movements. We also see the terrible end results of this influence causing massive death and injury by using these organizations to radicalize U.S. Muslims.

Marcus Dwayne Robertson

Another simpler example would include the formation of Marxist-Leninist groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party and localized branch organizations of the World Workers Party within the United States by Mr. George Soros. These groups in turn organize and finance protests, rallies and unrest through social movements, including La Raza and Black Lives Matter. The riots in Fergusson, MO and Baltimore MD were both orchestrated using these methods. The recent anti-Trump riots in San Jose, CA and Albuquerque NM were sponsored in the same way but utilized the emotion of the La Raza movement in-part financed by these same individuals.

Donald Trump Supporter Beaten During San Jose Riot

How Should Patriots Resist?

Seeing as the current crop of Globalists appear to be using the Mao, Stalin, Hitler playbook; I suggest that food, water, fuel and weapons are the items that will be indispensable when the curtain falls. Late fall or early winter are always the preferred seasons for would-be dictators to seize control.  In the United States, cold weather and starvation would serve as great motivators to get citizens to comply with edicts and turn in their weapons. This approach has worked flawlessly for previous conquests. We must be self-sufficient and have enough stored food, water and medical supplies to withstand this attack. Think years, not months. On this issue, more is always better.  Some high level items that should be accomplished or supported by all patriots include:

  1. We must make sure that the tyrants and Globalists are reminded that we will never just go away and we must do it often. The recent Oath Keepers press release titled “Oath Keepers Response to Orlando FL ISIS Terrorist Attack” is an excellent example of how to remind those who would subject us to tyranny that we are prepared and planning to resist.
  2. We need to exploit the negative press that our enemies receive; not on patriot blogs or on our YouTube channels, but in their world; in their safe spaces. We need to undermine their actions and credibility in the news outlets that they rely on for support. The enemies of liberty have and will do this to us. We must reciprocate on their blogs, on their news media outlets, in their safe places. No threats. We need to leverage propaganda to weaken our enemy, not provoke them to action.
  3. Resist any and all gun control initiatives; Federal, state and local. Protest the politicians that support this tyranny aggressively. The tyrants intend to slow-walk us into disarmament. Every time we give an inch, these tyrants are plotting the next inch. We have to stop all compromise on this issue.
  4. The tyrants are in our schools. They are using our primary and higher education systems as re-education camps. This has to be resisted or we will find the next generation unwilling to continue the fight. Be present, vocal and persistent. Without resistance, this process will ensure our eventual defeat.
  5. The tyrant’s financiers want our money in their banks and certainly not in the form of gold or silver that could be bartered. We should all be creating barter stores with our savings. This could be anything other than cash and certainly not in their banks.
  6. The vast majority of our nation’s military and law enforcement personnel do not want to persecute patriots. Their politically appointed leadership is another issue altogether. We need to accept this and if the time comes we will need to protect good military and law enforcement personnel from leadership retaliation. The alternative is that they will be coerced into supporting those who would oppress us. Find positive opportunities to communicate with your local law enforcement personnel, members of the State National Guard and your County Sheriff’s office. It’s a whole lot easier for them to come after someone they do not know. It is a lot more difficult for them to persecute someone they know shares their values and would fight to protect them if the time ever came.
  7. Patriots should also be making lists. Should we survive, there may come a day when the dust settles that trials need to be held to prosecute those who took us down this road. I think it will be a long list. It won’t just be politicians, weak-kneed military leaders and bankers. The list will need to include the enablers, the “useful idiots” that provided the manpower for our destruction.

As far as timing; it could be this year. If Trump can be taken out of the equation, then most likely the curtain can stay up another 2-3 years under a Clinton Presidency. She would certainly be able to better position Wall Street’s interests in the resulting collapse and could probably make significant progress on gun confiscation during her first term as President. This would certainly make the collapse less messy and less dangerous for the Globalists.

Update (6/21/2016):

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To add to what Navy Jack said about what patriotic Americans should do to prepare for the “perfect storm” of manufactured chaos that is coming:

  1.  Get Your Mind Right.   Acknowledge and accept the fact that we are heading for a shitstorm and it is too late to avoid it.  As Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters says, there’s no way out but through.  We WILL be going through it, so buck up and prepare yourself for what is to come.  As we used to say in the Infantry, embrace the suck!  Your mindset needs to be one of acceptance of your place in history, and gladness that you will be the one to fix it, rather than leaving it to your children and Grandchildren.   Let us adopt the mindset of Thomas Paine, who said “if there is to be trouble, let it be in MY DAY so that my child may have peace.”   To help get your mind right, read Col. Jeff Coopers timeless classic, Principles of Personal Defense.  Another good book is Gabe Suarez’s The Final Weapon, which also focuses on the critical combat and warrior mindset, since the final weapon is indeed the brain.   You have to get your mind right for what is to come.  Steel yourself and prepare your mind, and then your body (and that does mean those of us, myself included, who are out of shape, need to fix that ASAP, since a strong mind resides in a strong body.  The two go together).
  2. CREATE COMMUNITY DEFENSE (with the ultimate goal being the restoration of a true militia, made up of all able-bodied citizens in your town, county, and state).   As my friend Kevin Reeve of Onpoint Tactical says, “training trumps gear.  But community trumps both training and gear.”  You certainly do need training in how to use your stack of prepper stuff, but at the same time you need to cultivate community because no matter how “high speed, low drag” you are (or think you are), and no matter what cool-guy gear you have, you gotta sleep sometime, and no lone wolf is going to be able to fight off a gang when they come to take your stuff.   The “secret squirrel” prepper model will not cut it.  All that does is store up stuff for MS 13 or whatever other gang shows up on your block.  Without real security, all your stash will belong to them, along with your head.   So, build a community defense team.   Start with a neighborhood watch made up of the people who live around you.   After your own family being squared away, that neighborhood watch is the most critical element, because if you don’t have security for your home, nothing else will matter.  And no first responder  -no cop, no fire-fighter, no EMT, no posse, and no militia, is going to go anywhere to project out and assist the community if their family is not safe.   We see that in any disaster, man made or natural.  If the cop’s family is at risk, the cop will go home and protect his family.   So will all the other first responders.  So will you.  So, get the neighborhood watch, with teeth, started.   Think of them as the Home Guard.  Then build from there, as recommended in our CPT program.  From the neighborhood, to the church, to the VFW hall, to the town, to the county, build security teams, with the goal being a large sheriff posse behind a good sheriff, and then an honest to God town militia of at least company size made up of all able-bodied patriotic citizens in the town, with the town militias then being companies within the larger County militia.   Shoot for a company size element, or more, in each town.   Then work on the county level to organize and coordinate them all.  Call them a Civil Defense team, or Town Security Team, or whatever works to get it done, and then when it is up and running, you can seek official elected government sanction as a true militia.   I will write more extensively on this in the future, but for now, start at that neighborhood watch level and also start a town level “Training Band” using your Oath Keepers CPT as training cadre to train the whole town. And don’t just think in terms of guns and tactics.  Think also about communications, emergency medical, engineering, food storage, and intelligence.
  3. Start a neighborhood and/or town level Intelligence Team.  Read Sam Culper’s excellent book SHTF Intelligence and do what he says to do in that book.   Build an intel team right now.  Because without it, you will be operating blind.  You won’t know what your threats are, and therefore won’t know what to prepare for and prioritize in your area.
  4. Start a community food storage program.  Not just for you and your family, friends, and prepper group.  Store food for the whole community.  Yes, that is a tall order, but without food, they will accept whatever dictator or warlord comes along, and you will be screwed (if your own neighbors have not already killed you for your stuff).   Store up cheap bulk foods like rice, beans, wheat, powdered milk, sugar or honey etc.  Look to how the Mormons do it.  Take advantage of their many generations of experience in how to do this.   This nation used to have a three year strategic grain reserve.  It is now gone (and think about why that is).   Food is a strategic necessity, and we will not be able to save this Republic without it.  You can’t fight when you are dead from starvation.
  5. Answer these questions:  Who’s on your buddy-team (you and one other)?   Who’s on your fire-team (Four people)?   Who’s on your squad (8-12 fighters)?   Who can you count on to actually fight by your side?  Yes, we are back to security but it is so fundamental that it bears repeating.  Who can be at your side within one minute, to fight off bad guys (that will usually be your own family and immediate neighbors – but are they trained and equipped to actually fight)?   Who can be by your side within five minutes?  Both of those are at the neighborhood level.  Without real backup, whatever fancy “militia” or prepper group you belong to at a county, state, or regional level (or online) will not matter.   Who can be there within fifteen to thirty minutes?  That is the town level.   Within an hour?   That is your county level security force.    And have you all trained together so you can fight as a team?   If not, then get to work.  No buddy team?   No fire-team?  No squad?  Good luck.  That spells weakness and failure.   Fix it now.  Make that your highest priority, and then be ready to defend your community, as a whole, and be ready to stand in defense of our Bill of Rights, against any enemy,  including violent street thugs bought and paid for by Soros and his ilk.  – Stewart Rhodes