NavyJack – Rejecting Identity Politics to Achieve Rightful Liberty

NavyJack – Rejecting Identity Politics to Achieve Rightful Liberty

I was in Washington D.C. Saturday. The weather, until mid-afternoon, was beautiful. It was a great day to immerse one’s self in the meaning of the monuments and reflect on the courage of those that came before us. As I walked back to the National Theater to retrieve my car to head home, I noticed a crowd gathering at the Reagan Convention Center. Some were clearly locals, many were exiting dozens of buses lined up along 15th Street and walking to the protest assembly point.  Many of these “bus people” were in their 20s and early 30s, predominantly male, predominantly white and dressed to stand out in a crowd.  Curious, I decided to get to a vantage point to observe and not be observed.


I gleaned from the protester’s dialog that they were there to confront Nazis. That Nazis had taken over the Reagan Center Federal Complex and they, the protesters, were there to expose them and force them out.  The bus people were there to incite anger, disrupt and cause chaos.  The bus people quickly assumed dominance, having brought megaphones, ANTIFA flags and cans that sprayed a foul smelling substance.

At first, there were more city police officers than protesters. This changed over the course of time as more and more bus people and locals arrived. The city police seemed determined to not intervene, even when the bus people were clearly harassing and being aggressive towards anyone they even thought might be attending whatever event was occurring in the Reagan center.

As the protest continued, a young woman acting as if she was a reporter worked her way into the crowd and started asking leading questions to provoke the bus people. She was confident and had a cameraman with her.  The bus people were incited and began throwing expletives at her and spraying their foul smelling substance on her in an attempt to intimidate and get her to leave. Several men attempted to intercede on her behalf when it appeared that she was about to be assaulted.  This young woman was there to start a fight and she succeeded. The ANTIFA bus people attacked her cameraman and anyone that tried to come to their aid. The cameraman was injured. Several of the bus people were detained; one resisted arrest and was forcibly put on the ground and cuffed.

Clearly this entire sequence of events was provoked or staged to some degree. See for yourself (caution – this video contains extremely foul language and violence):

With the violence suppressed by the police and the weather turning extremely windy and cold, I decided to head home.

The National Policy Institute (NPI)

Having returned home, I was extremely curious to figure out the identity and purpose of the groups involved in the Reagan center activities. Clearly there were the bus people, either members of ANTIFA or posing as such. There were the locals, drawn to the event by a Facebook posting. There was the organization being protested; the National Policy Institute (NPI), what appears to be a one man show originating from Montana that promotes “White Nationalism”. This man, Richard Spencer, has a following. Many of his followers are right-leaning journalists, an odd collection of entertainers whose 15 minutes of fame have long since come and gone, and your more traditional White supremacists. This man is clearly a capitalist, not a fascist. His message echoes that of other identity and race-based segregationists, like the New Black Panther Party.  NPI and other White Nationalist organizations promote false comparisons of their philosophy to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is motivated by events that were intentionally misreported by the MSM to generate outrage in the Black community.  These “hands up don’t shoot” false narratives created racial division, promoted sensationalized fear of local police and provided leverage to the US Department of Justice in their attempt to usurp local police powers and promote the UN Safe Cities initiative.  Leftist progressives have made race and gender based identity politics their entire platform, alienating a great many in this country with hokum theories like “white privilege “and “white male privilege”. It was only a matter of time before groups like NPI would capitalize on the leftist propaganda to promote their own form of divisive rhetoric. The NPI agenda is one of seduction and fear. Using media and messaging directed at those of European decent, the NPI seeks to promote segregation as a means of preservation of White culture.  Clearly by my description, you can see that I am not a fan of identity politics or any form of race-based nationalism.


Promoted by Teli Tequila on Her NPI Special Guest Appearance

The Main Stream Media (MSM) is desperately trying to tie organizations like NPI to President Elect Donald Trump. The White Nationalists are all in favor of this association and are using the term “Alt-Right” to define themselves. This has effectively validated the MSM and allowed the MSM to categorize any conservative or right leaning cause as “Alt-Right” and thereby infer “White Nationalism”. Of course these associations are false and there is absolutely no validity to the original MSM attempts to tie President Elect Trump to these “White Nationalist” causes, but because of the desire of organizations like NPI to become accepted, their claims of support from the President Elect are being used to validate the MSM propaganda. It is a bad situation that President Elect Trump will have to address, soon.


npi_violenceThe term “ANTIFA” is activist political slang, short for anti-fascist. It is the widely-used abbreviation for the German Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) group.  It refers especially to militant anti-fascists who engage in physical confrontations with Nazis. In the United States, they are a group of people belonging loosely to a series of interconnected anonymous cliques; adherents to a simplistic view of the world; to them everything that isn’t far-left or collectivist is ‘fascist’ ‘racist’ or ‘nazi’.

They have an intense dislike for ‘White Imperialism’ or ‘White-Capitalism’.  Their perspective of the world is based on the conspiracy that most White people are on a mission to exploit and crush everybody on the planet that is not White.  In the world of the ANTIFA, White people are intrinsically ‘fascist’ and responsible for all Earthly woes.  I seriously doubt that that the “bus people” ANTIFA at the Reagan center melee have any lineage or true association to the German Anti-Fascist Action group. More likely, they are agitators sponsored by George Soros or some other leftist organization dissapointed by the outcome of the recent election. Oath Keeper’s Operation HYPO personnel photographed several of these same “ANTIFA” actors at the Baltimore Maryland anti-Trump protest on 11 November, 2016.

Rightful Liberty and the Rejection of Identity Politics

As all true patriots know in their heart, rightful liberty is the exact opposite of identity politics. Anyone promoting a claim of superiority based on race is not a patriot in the context of the Declaration of Independence. Now while the original U.S. Constitution did not sanctify the depth of Jeffersonian Rightful Liberty, it was the true cause that brought our nation together and was the reason that the founding fathers pursued independence and fought the revolutionary war.

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” Thomas Jefferson

Liberty, having been endowed to all of us equally by our Creator, is our sacred right and therefore unalienable and only limited by the equal rights of others. Equal human rights and equality before law was the argument of the American Revolution expressed by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson said, liberty is the gift of God — because rightful human liberty is a function of equal human rights derived from infinite God-given human value.


“God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

Stay the Course

As patriots, we must reject all forms of identity politics. We must reject people and causes that seek to divide the people of our nation. We must stand against those who would use race, religion or heritage to claim supremacy or unequal rights. If you are a patriot, you must not only believe that human liberty is a function of equal human rights, you must practice, promote and defend it. If you truly are a patriot, you must stand against the “George Soros bus people” that seek to divide us and use violence to force their conspiracy theories onto others. I ask that each of you reflect on what you can individually do to help heal the wounds being inflicted by the MSM as they seek to destroy the promise of America. I pray that the President Elect will be able to expose the MSM and those using identity politics to divide us. I pray that Rightful Liberty is the result of the great political revolution fought recently at the ballot box. I pray this message can still be heard by those so infected with MSM propaganda that their hearts are filled with hate against those who seek to restore the promise and value of the U.S. Constitution. God bless America.


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