NavyJack – Operation Sabot 2016 – After Action Report (Updated 11/10/2016)

NavyJack – Operation Sabot 2016 – After Action Report (Updated 11/10/2016)

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of the Oath Keepers that participated and contributed to our highly successful operation. Our presence was felt by the nation yesterday. We certainly got the attention of the news media. Hundreds of headline news articles, some good some not so good, were posted by many of the largest news organizations in the country regarding our operation. I would also like to thank the brave men and women at Project Veritas. Without their efforts, we would have not been able to identify the specific tactics associated with voter fraud and voter intimidation being used by a rouge political party.  Our operations were significantly enhanced by the mobile apps developed by True the Vote and PollMole.  Examples of their reports and data used during our operations can be reviewed at and

Operations designed to minimize voter fraud and silent watches to assist police identify instances of voter intimidation were conducted in most states. Having reviewed the results from the polling locations we were most concerned about, I am confident that our efforts reduced voter fraud, recurrent polling station machine issues and voter intimidation. We have reviewed the polling station return data for the areas of concern that we had previously identified from the 2008 and 2012 general elections. By specifically looking for flags of potential fraud (more votes than registered voters, inconsistent results between adjacent polling locations, remarkably disparate voter participation rates between adjacent polling locations and the number of voter complaints regarding voting machine issues), we can see that the differences from the previous general elections were most notable in the following States:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • Arizona
  • Colorado

In several of these states, it does appear that our heavy reliance on 2008 and 2012 election and polling data was insufficient to address all of the areas and methods of potential fraud. In future operations, we will need to address this as a lesson learned. Specifically, our data and analysis did not identify what now appears to be potential voter/election fraud issues in the following locations:

  • Tucson, AZ
  • Denver, CO
  • Dayton, OH
  • Miami, FL

Whether our efforts materially affected the election outcome, I will leave that for others to analyze. What is important to me, and I hope to each of you, is that we took a stand against voter fraud and intimidation. Our organization stood up for the citizens of our nation and in the process, taught many of them to stand up for themselves. In the coming weeks, we will schedule a webinar and deliver a summary presentation of where our efforts were successful and include lessons learned for future operations.

UPDATE 11/10/2016 – Pennsylvania After Action Report from Mike Horn

Operation SABOT was implemented strategically and successfully with exceptional results here in PA. We had multiple teams rotating and spot checking all polling sites throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas for potential voter fraud and intimidation. Since operations Sabots unveiling to the public two weeks ago, the media has been our unwitting ally, doing the majority of the work for us. They spread the word of our presence and our intent to bring to justice anyone who attempted to hinder or intimidate citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote on a scale we could have only hoped to accomplish on our own. In their attempt to slander our good names and impede our work with false allegations of racism, they instead put fear into those who would seek to commit injustice against their fellow citizens. While reports of machine tampering was evident within multiple counties throughout Pennsylvania, our presence limited any attempts at planned intimidation like what was seen in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. I truly believe our teams here in PA and our organization as a whole contributed to keeping this election fairer than we have seen in recent history. I want to thank all our members here in PA for all their hard work and effort, they have shown themselves to be true patriotic Americans. Long live the Republic.




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