NavyJack – Three Officers at RNC Hit with Mysterious Sticker and Suspected Syringe Attack. One Officer Hospitalized.

NavyJack – Three Officers at RNC Hit with Mysterious Sticker and Suspected Syringe Attack.  One Officer Hospitalized.

As many as three officers (two Georgia State Troopers and one Cleveland Metro Officer) have been afflicted with stinging, numbness and other symptoms.  The symptoms are reported to be related to an individual placing stickers on the officers’ skin and potentially using this action to distract the officers so someone can stick the officer with a syringe. These reports commenced at 3:35PM ET Thursday July 21, 2016.

Cleveland Republican Convention Special Event/Interop Channel Transmissions:

Someone poured liquid on a Georgia State Trooper. He’s now feeling numb; his arm is numb.


Didn’t see anybody pour anything on the trooper. He just started to complain about his arm hurting.


Georgia trooper going to hospital. Said he was bumped into by crowd, felt a burning sensation on his arm, then hand went completely numb.


Stickers are yellow with “I am awesome” written on them. Protester putting these on officers.


Anyone caught with the yellow ‘I Am F’n Awesome’ or elephant stickers will be detained.


Two Georgia troopers are being treated by EMS.


Officer that had a sticker placed on him is feeling a burning sensation. Police have one suspect in custody.


2 Georgia officers treated by EMS; burning sensation possibly caused by stickers placed on them. Suspect in custody.


One Georgia trooper is being treated; going to hospital.


New complaint of an officer exposed to a sticker. Hazard being called.


Symptoms of another officer exposed to sticker has itching and tingling on his neck. Holding stickers and touched his neck with glove.


Male is detained in connection with the stickers and officers feeling tingling and numbness. One already in hospital.


Protesters coming up to officers and sticking them with syringes.


Dispatch warning officers about protesters coming up to police and sticking them with syringes.


Syringes ARE now a banned item.


Update on the suspect detained w/ stickers. Stickers came back negative.


Stickers will be sent to Columbus for further testing. Suspect questioned by FBI.


One officer has been hospitalized as of this article.  One suspect has been charged with assault on a police officer.  Clearly with the recent attacks against police officers, there is a heightened concern.  We do have an Oath Keeper on the ground looking into this situation. We will update this article as new information comes in.

Update 6:30PM ET – CLE Police saying report of protesters poking officers with syringes is not confirmed/true. They were just warning officers of it.

Update 6:40PM ETABCNews – Officers Treated for Skin Irritation – Georgia State Trooper Released from Hospital

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