Navy Jack: It’s Time for an Adult Discussion about Gun Control

Navy Jack: It’s Time for an Adult Discussion about Gun Control


The horrific death and injury toll resulting from the Orlando ISIS Attack demands that Americans have an adult discussion about gun control. The Government cannot protect us from an individual that is willing to die to kill you and your family. This fact has been proven over and over again; in Chattanooga, at Ft. Hood, in San Bernardino, at the Boston Marathon and even at the Washington Navy Yard.  How many more citizens have to die before we turn the conversation away from failed gun control policies,  NSA spying and various “watch lists” to making Americans capable of protecting themselves and their loved ones?

NavyJack UndefinedClackamas Mall Oregon – Attempted Mass Shooting


Police response time will never be fast enough to stop a crazed shooter, suicide bomber or ISIS terrorist from piling up a high death toll. In the case of Orlando, the terrorist had hours before the SWAT teams were briefed and ready to breach the club where at least 50 Americans were killed. The only mass shooting attempts that have ever been stopped without high death tolls are the ones where a citizen with a gun confronted the crazed shooter. The Garland, TX Islamic terrorist attack and the Clackamas Mall, OR shooter attacks are both textbook examples of citizens taking action to protect American lives. In these and hundreds of other cases, a single citizen armed and trained to protect themselves made the difference between hundreds of lives lost and hundreds of lives saved.

NavyJack UnNamedGarland Texas – Terrorist Attack


Regardless of the laws, policies and restrictions placed on guns, there is not one example where a crazed killer determined to take lives paused to consider the penalties associated with violating gun control laws. One of the most heinous of these laws/policies is the enactment of “gun-free zones”. Nearly every successful mass shooting and terrorist attack that has occurred in America has occurred in a “gun-free zone”. Every mass shooting and terrorist attack that has been thwarted has occurred when a law abiding citizen, with a gun, intervened to end the carnage. There is no longer any room for debate on these issues. It is time for Americans to take responsibility to protect themselves, their loved ones and their businesses. With the rising threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations expanding their armies on U.S. soil, every American needs to act swiftly to obtain the defensive weapons and training needed to save lives.



President Obama with his Armed Protection Detail


The next time you hear a politician, President, mayor or movie star tell you that more gun control is the answer, remind him of his hypocrisy by having armed guards protecting him wherever he goes. It is amazing that anyone could listen to someone protected by trained professionals; possessing weapons that in many cases are not even available to the general public, talk about how you and your family would be safer without a gun. Clearly the answer is to become a responsible citizen that is armed and trained to protect yourself and others. Become the difference between carnage and safety. Be the good person with a gun.


The next time you hear the President spout off selected statistics about how gun control works, you remind him that the U.S. Cities with the strictest gun control laws also have the highest rate of violent crime and murder. Remind him that you are 37% more likely to become the victim of a violent crime or murder in a State that has enacted strict Brady gun-control Laws.  Remind him that his initiatives and the expansion of “gun-free” zones are directly responsible for the death toll our nation is experiencing from crazed murderers and terrorists. Remind him that the only mass shootings ever stopped in America were stopped by a citizen with a gun that risked their own safety to protect others. Remind him of the Oklahoma beheading. Remind him of Clackamas Mall. Remind him of Garland, TX and then tell him you are done listening to him on this issue.



Oklahoma Food Plant Beheading Terrorist Attacker – Alton Nolen


The next time you hear the President tell you that we need to ban “assault rifles” because they are “weapons of war”, you tell him that what he and other politicians have sarcastically labeled as “assault rifles” are significantly less lethal than a standard semi-automatic hunting rifle. At close range, like was the case in Orlando, the so called “assault rifles” are no more lethal than a shotgun or standard handgun.  You tell the President that since the expiration of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban, violent crime and murder have fallen to historic lows in our nation. You tell him that you know that his attempts to ban semi-automatic weapons will put you and your loved ones in greater danger from crazed murderers and terrorist that will certainly disregard his silly edicts.



Oregon Community College Shooting  – Typical Gun-Free Zone


The next time you hear a politician or the President tell you that you need to surrender your privacy to make it easier for them to protect you; remind them that all of these initiatives have resulted in total failure to achieve any of the promised objectives. The attacks continue to this day and are getting worse. You tell them that you are done listening to their failed promises and policies. Tell them that you are an American and that you have decided it is time to protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens. Go out and purchase the defensive weapon needed to ensure your safety. Get the training to use that weapon responsibly. Make sure that the weapon can never fall into the hands of a would-be killer or a child. Do this for yourself and your country.



June 13 2016

Statement from Stewart on how Oath Keepers will help businesses, clubs churches, synagogues, etc., will follow shortly.


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