NavyJack – Gang Attacks Good Samaritan Chanting “Black Lives Matter”

NavyJack – Gang Attacks Good Samaritan Chanting “Black Lives Matter”

Brandon Reiter was beaten by a group of men early Friday morning.  According to a report filed with police, the man was driving home to James Island, SC at around 3 a.m. after leaving a club in downtown Charleston when he noticed a woman in distress on the side of the road.  He pulled over to provide assistance.

Reiter drove the woman to a neighborhood he had not been to before. When he stopped, the passenger grabbed money he had on his dashboard and ran away.

“That’s when I actually got out of the car – which wasn’t a smart idea,” said Reiter, “and in doing that.. people kind of came out of nowhere.”

Reiter says two black men approached him and then robbed him of his money and phone. The younger man led Reiter to the back of a building at gunpoint. Reiter tried to hit the gun out of his hands then ran back to his truck. Reiter says a gang of men were waiting there and proceeded to beat him down. “It was a setup,” said Reiter,

“There’s no way that many people would have been right there and it would have been so planned out.”

According to Reiter, the attackers chanted “Black Lives Matter” as they viciously beat him. Reiter was able to escape and drive home where he recorded a video about the ordeal. His fiancé took him to the hospital.  The attack left Reiter with 13 staples on his scalp and numerous bruises.

Main Stream Media (MSM) has reported the attack as a gang initiation. A local ABC News station was the only MSM affiliate to reference the “Black Lives Matter” chant that Reiter reported. NBC News filed a report on the incident but omitted the “Black Lives Matter” chant information. CBS News did not file a report.

We recognize that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is not responsible for attacks soley because the attackers invoke their rhetoric and the name of their movement. BLM leadership has yet to condemn this brutal incident. We will update this story if/when BLM leadership provides a statement.



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